Romania 2017: will Lora be fined if not show up in the semi final?

ROMANIA – The Romanian national final has caused concern due to the decision of Lora to quit the selection process, a move that could lead to a 100,000 Euro fine.

Lora took the decision to quit the national selection process just after the auditions, a decision based on her disagreements with the Romanian organisers, even though her song “I Know” was considered one of the favourites to be selected for Kiev.

Even with Lora quitting, TVR selected her to take part in the semifinals, although they named her replacement, Zanga, instead. Now, TVR claim a contractual clause whereby Lora and her team must pay 1000.000 Euro fine for breaching an agreement to take part in the selection process.

According to TVR rules, the fine is part of the selection process and must be paid immediately if a withdrawal takes place. Lora’s manager however states that the withdrawal took place before any selection was decided and therefore, no fine should be handed out.

It’s rumoured that the decision could be a ploy by TVR to increase viewing figures for the National Final, which finds itself with a very low audience figure and it’s been rumoured that the fine could be extended to those participants who never took part in the oficial first stage auditions, a further 12 singers in total.



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