The Eurovision Telegram with the last information for many countries


CZECH REPUBLIC – Martina Bárta selected internally by the national broadcaster few days ago. Today it was announced that she will perform the song “My Turn” the video clip of which is underway in the filming process. The song penned by a British composer. You can listen to a snippet of it here.

MONTENEGRO – Swedish song for Hovig titled “Gravity”. Swedish song for Slavko Kalezić titled “Space” the recording of which took place few days ago in Stockholm. Montenegrin artist worked hard with his Swedish team, Stefan Örn, Jovan Radomir and Johan Kronlund. Örn is known to the Eurofans, having previously produced a total of 4 Azerbaijani entries for the competition; Drip drop (2010), Running scared (2011), When the music dies (2012) and Start a fire (2014). The author of the song Momčilo Zeković, said: “I am very pleased with how everything went. I think we had real good fortune to work in the studio with top-notch professionals and as such everything that was expected to Slavko was completed in less than two days.”

ITALY – More than 25 million on YouTube and Golden Status already achieved for Francesco Gabbani and his Eurovision entry (plus Sanremo Festival winner song) Occidentali’s Karma. It is also decided that the song will keep its original lyrics as there is no more intention to add English in it. Thank God! By the way the 2014 Polish entry went to Copenhagen having more than 40 million views and did poorly in the scoreboard (but that’s just details).

AUSTRALIA – Kylie Minogue, The Veronicas, Dannii Minogue, Delta Goodrem, Nathalie Imbruglia? who will represent Australia in the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest after the successful participation of the amazing Dami Im last year? SBS made the official pre-announcement saying that the broadcaster has decided and soon we will find out all the information.

GERMANY – Marvin Dietmar, the international famous choreographer is taking in charge of he stage presentation for Levina. He previously was responsible for Conchita’s stage presentation in Copenhagen. About Levina he said: “The first time we met was actually on stage. She was very quiet, focused and professional. Levina immediately understood the input we gave her, and I was able to see how she became more and more open to the stage, cameras and the band. This was great, because she did not have much previous TV experience.”. He didn’t reveal anything about his work for stage presentation as he doesn’t want to be unemployed (laughs). About Eurovision he said: “Eurovision, it is no longer “just” a stage show, but a whole package consisting of many small parts. With Conchita I was able to see how her personality gave the whole team – and, of course, myself – a clear direction. That’s what I meant about honesty and authenticity. It is not about satisfying my personal, creative ideas, but I see my task to pick up and position the artist correctly.”

and a bonus video



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