Greece 2017: “Demy’s song will not represent Greece…

photo: Amita Motion

GREECE – … but it will represent Greeks all over the world.” This is what Mr Pandelis Poumpouras stated from Odessa, where Demy finally managed to arrive after last night’s flight cancellation due to the fog.

Mr Pandelis Poumpouras is sponsoring partially the Greek participation in the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest and he is a businessman working in Odessa and descending from the island of Lemnos.

“I am sponsoring the project out of my own intention as I felt the video clips should partially be filmed in Odessa where the Greek community is strong and has great history. In 1821 the Greek revolution started here with the creation of the Society of Friends. Eurovision is a commercial TV product and must be respected as the last year’s winner song had a strong message. All wealthy Greeks should stand aside the Greek nation and help them go through this crisis. My son has the same age with Demy and will give a special dinner party for her and the delegation to officially welcome her”

Video clip timeline extended due to the flight delay last night and therefore Demy will not return tomorrow in Athens. The play Mama Mia in which she is starring has been cancelled for tomorrow evening. She is working hard filming the clips in -5 degrees in locations like the Odessa Opera, Town Hall, Cathedral and maybe the Potemkin stairs.

In the meantime weird impression was given to many as along with the Greek delegation a blogger from web media is exclusively following the filming of the clips and despite we all signed confidentiality contracts not to reveal any material we already have, he (once again) has the exclusivity of all information for second year in a row. It’s weird why and how he made the deal with ERT as he is definitely getting the information directly from the inside!


1 Comment on Greece 2017: “Demy’s song will not represent Greece…

  1. Apparently, Demy wants to make her entry an international hit. #CLEVER 🇬🇷


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