Cyprus 2017: photo impressions from the video clip shooting

Cyprus will participate in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 scheduled to take place in Kiev, Ukraine, in May 2017. The Cypriot broadcaster Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation (CyBC) will be responsible for selecting their entry for the contest, and announced on 19 October 2016 that they would be making their selection internally on 21 October 2016.

CyBC selected songwriter Thomas G:Son to compose the entry and the singer Hovig to sing the song. Just like the previous two Cypriot entrants, the singer competed in the Eurovision Project (Cypriot 2015 Selection).

The Cypriot broadcaster CyBC confirmed on 8 August 2016 their intention to participate in the 2017 edition. It was later announced that, like the year before, an internal selection would be used. On 21 October 2016 it was announced that Hovig would be the Cypriot entrant with a song written by Thomas G:Son while Haris Savva will be in charge of the staging. (source:



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