Sirusho released her new song on February 19

ARMENIA – Sirusho released her new song on February 19. The song captures a story of an exile, and a story of a million crying souls…

Sirusho’s constant research on the history of Armenian Genocide and numerous survivor testimonies became the driving force behind the lyrics and music of “Der Zor”. An Armenian girl who recalls her father’s commandments, sings about her lost home.

The music video was shot in two parts: at the ruins of ancient Armenian capital Ani and in Los Angeles, California. Filming in Western Armenia was one of the most adventurous challenges Sirusho’s team had faced yet. Ani carries a significant importance for the Armenian nation. Despite centuries of abandonment, the city remains an inspiration for many Armenians.

The shootings proceeded in Los Angeles, California, where those who fled have found shelter, one hundred years ago. Armenian kids play and speak their native language outside the Armenian School, neighboring the Armenian Apostolic Church.

“Der Zor” Documentary, put together by the team, gives the viewers an in depth insight of the story behind the scenes, also a first hand experience of Western Armenia. “Der Zor” music video from “Armat” album was released on February 19, 2017, on SIRUSHO’s official YouTube Channel.



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