Montenegro 2017: sexy Slavko Kalezić in Stockholm for his Eurovision entry

MONTENEGRO – The Montenegrin representative at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest, Slavko Kalezić, has recorded the vocals for his entry “Space”, which was produced and arranged by the Swedish-based team comprising of Stefan Örn, Jovan Radomir and Johan Kronlund, all of which are well known in Eurovision circles.

Örn composed the winning 2012 Eurovision song “Running Scared”, Kronlund has written three other Azeri entries, while Radomir is known for his presenting work and association with Eurovision over the years. Slavko recorded the song in the Art Ery Studio in Stockholm.

The Montenegrin singer says he is extremely happy with the way the song has turned out. The entry is expected to be revealed to the public during the first half of March.

Montenegro will perform in the first half of the first semi final of the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest in Kiev on May 9.



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