Sweden 2017: review of Melodifestivalen’s third semi final

You can watch the third semi final of Melodifestivalen at 20:00 CET here. Sweden will participate in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017. The Swedish broadcaster Sveriges Television (SVT) will organise the national final Melodifestivalen 2017 in order to select the Swedish entry for the 2017 contest in Kiev, Ukraine. The winning song will compete for Sweden at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 to be held in Kiev, Ukraine. Sweden will compete in the first semi-final of Eurovision Song Contest 2017 on the 9th of May and will have to place within the top 10 out of the 18 in their semi-final in order to qualify and compete in the final on 13 May. The third semi-final will take place on 18 February 2017 at Vida Arena in Växjö.

Robin Bengtsson – I Can’t Go On – Predict Direkt Til Finalen
After last year’s entry Constellation Prize placed fifth it was likely that Robin would qualify almost automatically but this is a tough semifinal. The song is catchy and the treadmill production will make it stand out. Another F-bomb dropped might cause some issue but I believe his popularity will override it.

Krista Siegfrids – Snurra Min Jord (Spin My World) – Predict 5th Place
I love Krista and thought last year’s Faller should of done better but this song is disappointing. It doesn’t go anywhere and with a title like Spin My World I thought I’d be left feeling dizzy but it’s more like dazed and confused. She will garner votes for her presentation and her popularity but I think she will miss out again this year.

Anton Hagman – Kiss You Goodbye – Predict Andra Chansen
Anton is new the Melfest stage but comes with a solid teen girl fan base. The song is great upbeat summer tinged number and he will present it well. The important thing for him will be his vocal as during rehearsals it has been a bit pitchy. He’ll still do well with the girls and gay boys of course, so let’s see.

Jasmine Kara – Gravity – Predict Andra Chansen
Again another debut for Kara but this song is great and with an artist like Dinah, Molly or ISA it would qualify but this girl seems to have a likability issue with the Swedish public. She was 5th out of Let’s Dance and her choir was first to go out in Körslaget. Her albums and singles have failed to make a splash so I think this could very well go another way. Hope not but those fickle Swedes?

Owe Thörnqvist – Boogieman Blues – Predict 7th Place
I know we want diversity in music but really?! I normally find the more experienced artists good fun and token nostalgic but this is just wrong. I’m not sure who will vote for this as it is old fashioned it may get a following from the elder generation but as the Melfest audience is getting younger I don’t think it will have a major impact. This could be an anti Melfest candidate though.

Bella & Filippa – Crucified – Predict 6th Place
I love the style and their tone but unfortunately I don’t think their song is good enough to leave a mark on Melfest this year. If they manage to pull out a flawless performance they could be in a chance for a second chance spot but based on their rehearsals I’m not sure it will happen. Thanks for coming pick up your participation ribbon at the exit :)

FO&O – Gotta Thing About You – Predict Direkt Til Finalen
The Fooo Conspiracy has a popularity like none other this year in Melfest. They were a dead certain for the final before anyone heard a note. The song isn’t bad actually but it is typical boy band fodder. The presentation will be the deciding factor of whether it will represent Sweden though. Early rehearsals show nothing special but can’t wait to see it in full.