Eurovision 2017: frequently asked questions about the tickets

When tickets for the Grand Final will go on sale?
The first batch of tickets for the Grand Final is completely sold out. Next quotas and applications for tickets from delegations, sponsors, embassies of participant countries and partners of the contest will be processed. This will set the balance of tickets. Information on the remnants will be published at,, and not earlier than February 21st.

How will I know when the next batch of tickets will go on sale?
The final batch of tickets will go on sale according to the schedule:
• Final Dress Rehearsal 3 (13.05, 14:00) – February 21, 13:00
• Final Dress Rehearsal 2 (12.05, 22:00) – February 21, 13:00
• Semi Final 2 (Live) (11.05, 22:00) – February 23, 13:00
• Semi Final 2 Dress Rehearsal 3 (11.05, 16:00) – February 23, 13:00
• Semi Final 1 (Live) (09.05, 22:00) – February 23, 13:00
• Semi Final 1 Dress Rehearsal 3 (09.05, 16:00) – February 23, 13:30
• Semi Final 1 Dress Rehearsal 2 (08.05, 22:00) – February 27, 13:00
• Semi Final 2 Dress Rehearsal 2 (10.05, 22:00) – February 27, 13:30

How many tickets have been already sold?
As at 16:15 on February 16th, total sales (paid orders) of tickets were 9834. This does not include the allocations for the OGAE.

What is the waiting room, and what is it for?
Waiting room – is a useful system that controls the maximum number of customers on the pages of the purchase of tickets for the Eurovision Song Contest. It automatically turns on when the peak flow of visitors to the Eurovision page occurs. If there was no queue in the most peak moments, the purchase of tickets would be impossible for anyone.

I waited for my turn, but there’s no tickets.
On the pages of each Eurovision show a single queue operates. You can see the presence of tickets for each individual show directly from the venue schemes. To do this, you first need to get that page.

How come on 14.02 people say their payment did not pass but ticket was received on e-mail?
Realizing the incredible hype and demand at the start of ticket sales in case of problems with payment for reasons independent of the client, automatically sent the tickets and then contacted each such client for operation of payment again. All these cases have already been processed.

What should I do if the payment did not pass, and there are no tickets already?
We recommend 2 options:
1) To purchase tickets for other shows. If you will not get tickets to the Grand Final, you can still be a part of the Eurovision celebration.
2) Wait for the Grand Final tickets and rely on luck if they will go on sale and you’ll get them.

Why did I choose a place in the scheme and received an error, that the ticket can not be added to the cart?
Seats on the scheme are automatically updated every 3 seconds. If someone added a place in the cart, you will see it as available for another 3 seconds. Clicking on such place, you can not add it to your cart – the system will display the appropriate message.

Why tickets are not nominal?
Eurovision-2017 does not involve entry on the territory with necessary provision of audience ID’s. That’s why tickets are not nominal.

How tickets can get on the secondary markets stocks? Is it safe to purchase tickets there?
On the ticket stocks/secondary market and other platforms, tickets to the Eurovision get as well as all popular concerts/events with a very high demand – unfortunately, they are purchased for resale. We do not guarantee the authenticity of the tickets that were purchased not at, and do not recommend to buy the tickets from the hands/on stocks/secondary market.

What is the difference between types of shows?
Eurovision will present 9 shows. Three of them will be broadcasted live: Semi Final 1 (Live) (09.05, 22:00), Semi Final 2 (Live) (11.09, 22:00), Grand Final (13.05, 22:00).
Three shows will take place in the evening a day before lives. Here the TV-recording will occur, and also national jury will work. These very evaluations will affect the outcome of Semi Final together with the audience’s votes the next day.
Three more shows will take place in the afternoon (on the eve of live broadcasts): Semi Final 1 Dress Rehearsal 3 (09.05, 16:00), Semi Final 2 Dress Rehearsal 3 (11.09, 16:00), Final Dress Rehearsal (13.05, 14:00).
Here, participants of the contest will present the same performances as on air. The difference is that it will not be recorded and broadcasted, and the national jury will not work there. We recommend these shows for visiting with children in order to get the possibility of viewing in the convenient time.

What is the capacity of the hall?
The total capacity of the hall is 7820 persons, 1400 of them – is a fan zone.

What are the VIP-tickets?
Those are tickets for the VIP-sector. It is located behind the Green Room. There will be installed more comfortable seating with bigger distance between rows. But the main thing – that it offers the best, direct views of the stunning scene of Eurovision!

Can I exchange an e-ticket to a regular one?
The electronic ticket purchased at, is the same as the original one as well as the ticket printed on thermo-paper. Both of these formats include a bar code that is scanned and the entrance.



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