Slovenia 2017: photo impressions from first semi final rehearsals

EMA 2017 is the 21th edition of the Slovenian national final format Evrovizijska Melodija (EMA). The competition used by RTV Slovenija to select Slovenia’s entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2017. The competition is broadcast on TV SLO1, Radio Val 202, Radio Koper, Radio Maribor and online via the broadcaster’s RTV 4D platform. On 20 January 2017, Amaya announced that she’d be withdrawing from the competition on the advice of her record label. The 1st semi-final of EMA 2017 will be held on 17 February 2017. Four acts will advance to the final on 24 February. The eight competing entries first face a public vote where the top two songs will advance to the final. An additional two qualifiers will be selected from the remaining six entries by the jury.

Draw Artist Song Televote Place
1 KiNG FOO “Wild Ride”
2 Nika Zorjan “Fse”
3 Tosca Beat “Free World”
4 Lea Sirk “Freedom”
5 Sell Out “Ni panike”
6 Zala Đurić Ribič “Lalalatino”
7 Alya “Halo”
8 Omar Naber “On My Way”