Malta 2017: Maxine speaks to

Hello, Maxine, could you first introduce yourself to our readers?
Hey, I’m Maxine Pace, from the little island Malta. I’m a student at sixth form and have a passion for music. I’ve been singing since the age of 6 and have always been a Eurovision fan!

Your song for MESC is called “Bombshell”, would you consider yourself as a Maltese bombshell?
Anyone can be a bombshell, if they believe in themselves and do their best to achieve what they want to in life! I will be doing my best on Saturday to feel like one.

What is your connection with the Eurovision Song Contest?
As i said before, I’ve always been a fan, so last year as soon as i turned 16, I submitted a song called ‘Young Love’ and luckily I came 5th in the MESC. This year I was surprised as much as last year when I go to know that I’m one of the finalists and can’t wait for Saturday to give it my all once again.

Among former Maltese entrants in Eurovision, do you have a favourite or inspiration?
Malta is a very small island and I know many of the former Maltese entrants, but I must say that Amber and Ira are two artists that really inspire me and that have inspired me since a very young age!

In this year MESC line-up, is there a song you like particularly? Is there a song you would have like to perform yourself on stage?
There are many great songs in this year’s national final, all with a different style, so I can’t really pick one which I’d say is my favourite.


Maxine Pace is a 17 year old singer from Malta. She began singing at 3 years old. In 2006 she took part in the Starter Pack Course and for the first time got to write her own song Summer Has Come. Later she was given the opportunity to write another song in 2007 while attending the Starter Pack Plus Course and Malta Performing Arts Course. The penned song was called Forever Friends. In 2008, she was chosen by Mro Paul Abela to be part of the band ‘PaPPaPoP’ in Italy with 3 Italian children. In the band, Maxine sang and played the keyboard. In the same year she was a guest on the popular Italian show Ti Lascio una Canzone on Rai Uno with the band PaPPaPoP at the Teatro Ariston with the song Rock ‘n Roll Robot. Maxine was part of many choirs including the Joseph Calleja Choir, Pope’s visit Choir and Spiteri Lucas Choir.

She won and placed in a lot of Maltese festivals. During the 2009 and 2010 Malta Junior Eurovision Song contest she took part with the songs Toy Soldier and a cover version of Lady respectively. 2011 was a very successful year for Maxine as she represented Malta in Hollywood, USA and won 2 gold medals and 1 bronze with the songs Rolling in the Deep, It’s in his Kiss and You Haven’t Seen the Last of Me. After that she was chosen, after auditioning, for another popular show in Italy Io Canto with the band PaPPaPoP on Canale 5.

Maxine started her acting career in 2012 with in a Maltese Drama Déjà vu. In June 2013, Maxine launched her brand new single Fed Up written by Ramziat RDS studios London. The track entered the Top 10 Malta Charts by Bay Radio. 2015 was the year when Maxine made it to the finals at the Malta Eurovision Song Contest where she placed fifth with her song “Young love”. In 2016, she was given a role in the annual Panto produced by Paul Testa “Skruc” under the direction of Ray Abdilla.