Spain 2017: things are pretty nasty in Madrid, developments underway

SPAIN – The turmoil continues in Spain. Various developments the past few hours cream a sentiment of upcoming developments soon with some fans even believing that in the end RTVE and Manel Navarro will withdraw from representing Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest and Mirela could replace him in Kyiv as rightful public choice. Well it remains to be seen… In the meantime most top Spanish press are questioning RTVE’s organisation and results of the national final.


The runner up and tele voting winner of the Spanish national final, Mirela made a Facebook post days after the national final turmoil. In the post she says thank you to the fans who supported her, thanked the radio station which promised her to play her song after loosing the ticket for Eurovision and… promised to come back soon with … news! What can that mean?


The entire parliament is against the government and the national final decision. The parliament demands from the government and TVE to answer a series of questions regarding the national final procedure and they demand an answer far before the legal deadline of March 20 as the EBU must have the song officially in their hands by March 13th.



In the meantime if you search in Google you can see this: Manel Navarro and his song seems to be available since August 11th, 2016 something which is breaching the rules of the EBU. Though when we click the link we see that the page content is not available in our country. We are trying to verify if there is a song actually posted on that date but Google search created questions. Not to mention of course that posted that Manel Navarro is the Spanish representative in Eurovision 2017 before the voting started on 11th of February.


Lots of concerns forced OGAE Spain to go to public prosecutor asking explanation for various things regarding the national final. The regional fan club of Eurovision states that this doesn’t mean that they are pro or against the TVE national final decision but they are extremely worrying about various things. Well, they are indeed right especially if you check the TVE rules for the national final which clearly state that the jury and the participants must not be in any relation prior to the final selection something that didn’t apply clearly for Manel Navarro.

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