France 2017: Amir has three advises for Alma

photo: Fotis Konstantopoulos /

FRANCE – Amir has generously given some winning advice to the young and talented Alma. Alma isn’t a novelty, she was the opening act for Amir during his tour. The two artists are so close that they spent New Years Eve together with friends. Amir didn’t hide his joy when he knew that just like he did previously, Alma will represent France at Eurovision this year.

During an interview for Télé 7 jours, the singer gave his point of view on his little protégée who is following him and has all the assets required to win – “It’s an artist who’ll be able to represent us like is needed. She has charm, this little thing that we expect from France aboard. She is comfortable at interviews and able to express herself in different languages.” He explained.

Amir also wanted to share the three pieces of advise that he gave to Alma. Advise that, following him, can take her to the victory. After all, the performer of “J’ai cherché”, finished 6th on the Eurovision scoreboard last year! Which is a big success, following the catastrophic results France has suffered in previous years.

Amir advised Alma to prepare her performance correctly and stay focused on the essential. He suggested to her to “disconnect and not read what social networks say”

Following him, “Courageous people express themselves more than those who like”. The second piece of advise from Amir is simple – “be in love with Eurovision and the fact that you’re representing your own country. It’s not a disadvantage but quite the opposite. She knows it, she loves the idea of attempting the experience.” he explained .

The third and last piece of advise, is also simple – “Have a positive dynamic. Positive attracts positive. She is energy, she will communicate it and seduce the entire audience. I’m sure that everybody will have fun on Requiem!” he concluded.


1 Comment on France 2017: Amir has three advises for Alma

  1. >>I’m sure that everybody will have fun on Requiem!” he concluded.

    Does this man even know the meaning of the word?!


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