Eurovision 2017: last night’s turmoil ended up into new arrangements for the fans by Ukraine

UKRAINE – The storming and furious reactions of all fans last night on the web seems to have paid off. Ukrainian organisers changed again their minds and now they announce there will be fan pack tickets for Eurovision 2017. This is what the Ukrainian national broadcaster and organisers told the president of OGAE International. The fans will be allocated in the stage front and one block which will not be available for sale this afternoon.

Thought, OGAE International still hasn’t any written confirmation but they do count on the official confirmation by the European Broadcasting Union on the social media. Last night’s action caught OGAE clubs across Europe at sleep as they were constantly promised things will once again run smoothly with their fan pack tickets and OGAE International president was part of the press tour last week at the IEC, Kyiv.

OGAE clubs will soon receive a written confirmation so there is no urgency for the organised fans to buy tickets tonight. But don’t hold your breath… we are talking about the messy Ukrainian national broadcaster here!