Spain 2017: parliamentarian makes motion to annul national final result

SPAIN – The Spanish national final continues to make waves with talk of a possible court case against TVE for a dubious selection process but the latest news involves a Spanish parliamentarian belonging to the PSOE party placing a motion to debate events around the selection process in parliament.

The motion was presented under a judicial statement and looks to answer questions around, not only the selection of Manel Navarro representing Spain at Eurovision 2017 but how TVE undertook the process. This is even more pertinent as RTVE is funded with public money, so the motion is aimed to placate taxpayer concerns. One of the main aspects of the motion is to ask TVE if they have considered not going ahead with the selection made and if so, what process would they use to select another candidate. PSOE are the second main political party in Spain and were in power as recently as 2011.

Spain 2017