Spain 2017: low TV rates and Mirela’s manager unhappy

SPAIN – After a national final surrounded by controversy and questionable results, the audience results for the televised show do not make for great reading. Given that the National Final was shown on prime time on the main national station, La 1, the audience share is disappointing. According to TVE themselves, 1.449.000 people tuned into the national final, a number only better than in 2009, when 799.000 people watched that final, the lowest figure to date in the last decade. In fact since 2010, when TVE recorded the best audience share, the number of viewers has steadily declined but given the controversial circumstances surrounding this year’s final, that is a little surprising. Spain will vote in the first semi-final from Kiev but TVE will screen both semi-finals and the final live this year.

2017: Objetivo Eurovisión – 1.449.000 viewers (8,9% share)
2016: Objetivo Eurovisión – 1.669.000 viewers (9,1% share)
2014: ¡Mira quién va a Eurovisión! – 1,722,000 viewers (9,8% share)
2010: Eurovisión: Destino Oslo – 2.630.000 viewers (15,6% share)
2009: Eurovision ’09: El retorno – 799.000 viewers (6,5% share)
2008: ¡Salvemos Eurovisión! – 1.960.000 viewers (16% share)
2007: Misión Eurovisión – 1.689.000 viewers (14,3% share)

Mirela Manager unhappy

The chaos continues with the Spanish national final as the suspected fix takes a new turn, with Tomás Limeres, representative of Mirela, stating that he informed TVE that Xabi Martínez, the jury member at the heart of the scandal, has a conflict of interests in Manel Navarro, who ultimately went on to win the final.

Tomás Limeres has stated that even though he informed TVE of the potential issue surrounding the final, he was told that all he did was complain. He spoke with Toñi Prieto, the head of entertainment at TVE who told him “we are happy with the current setup and that’s all there is”.

The answer was followed by a statement which said that Xavi Martínez was going to be “a great professional”, something which Tomás does not question, although the issue of a conflict of interests cannot be denied.

Following this, Toñi Prieto has further denied a conflict of interest or a fixed final, saying that “just because there’s a photo of Xavi and Manel together…”, Tomás went as far as to suggest that they appoint another jury member from “Los 40”, the station behind the promotion of Manel Navarro but this was once again met with rejection. Toñi Prieto stating; “what is the problem?”. All this leaves the manager of Mirela in a disappointing position as he sees “interests being ahead of reality”.