Spain 2017: Spanish people are really predicting the results a day before!

SPAIN – Manel Navarro won the national final due to the jury voting leaving the public favourite Mirela out. The Catalan singer welcomed the fan reactions from the audience with an impolite snook as reported earlier. Website reported the winner Manel Navarro before the official results announced and now this: Someone on Twitter predicted the results a day before. It’s getting weirder and weirder as many fans tweet the entire night that the national selection was pre-determined. No reaction by the singer or the broadcaster yet but surely they have to reply to the Spanish public who pays for their “shows” and soon!

About Fotis Konstantopoulos (Greece) (2120 Articles)
This passion begins in 1984, in 1996 I established oikotimes as a printed pamphlet and in 2001 as a website turned eventually into Eurovision. The best thing happened is that I got to know some great friends.


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