Spain 2017: Manel Navarro to Kyiv!

SPAIN – After a tie between Manel Navarro (by the jury votes) and Mirela (by tele voting), Manel Navarro declared the winner of the Spanish national final and will fly the flag to Kyiv.

Moments before the Spanish National Final took place, a photo emerged of Manel Navarro, the Spanish finalist with one of the Jury members, who went on to receive 12 points from the Jury. The voting system gave top points to Mirela but the rules outlined previously by TVE stated that the Jury would have the final decision in case of a tie. That is exactly what happened and the Jury subsequently went on to choose Manel Navarro as the Spanish representative to Kiev.

There were massive protests from the public present at the event, who booed when the Jury gave their votes and then continued protesting when the Jury were asked to make the final decision and break the tie-break.

Artist Song Title Jury Televote Total Rank
1 Manel Navarro “Do It for Your Lover” 34 24 58 1
6 Mirela “Contigo” 22 36 58 2
2 LeKlein “Ouch!!” 22 30 52 3
5 Maika “Momento crítico” 20 21 41 4
4 Mario Jefferson “Spin My Head” 25 15 40 5
3 Paula Rojo “Lo que nunca fue” 21 18 39 6


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