Spain 2017: jury member attacked during final show

SPAIN – The judge at the centre of the scandal which encompassed the Spanish national final was physically attacked by an audience member during the live show.

It has transpired that during the final, the judge in question, Xabi Martínez, who gave 12 points to the winning artist, Manel Navarro, was not only insulted but also physically assaulted at the end of the show. Constant backlash from the audience has been replicated online, where the public have made clear their disgust at what they have termed a fix-up of the results.

The singer Manel Navarro and the judge in question are very known to each other, the judge himself immediately went on stage to congratulate the winning singer as soon as victory was declared and had to abandon the studio immediately after this, as the audience began a verbal assault on him and his performance as part of the jury.

The voting was questionable given how Xabi Martínez ensured victory for the singer he called “a star in the making” only a few days prior to the final, by giving the lowest score to the runner-up Mirela.

Also during the final, the words of encouragement for other artists was lacking and the audience were far from impressed by any of this, letting him and everyone else present know of their feelings.

The company behind Xabi Martínez, “los 40 principales” has been heavily involved in promoting the candidacy of Manel Navarro, more so than the other finalists, who themselves received only minimal exposure.

It’s also noted that this year, TVE decided to allow the jury to have the final voice in case of a tie, something which actually happened, when it has always been the public to ultimately decide the winner, since they are paying for the calls to the network.

It was clearly stated in the RTVE rules that the jury and the participants must have no relations but instead a month ago jury member Xavi Martinez posted on Instagram that he will help Manel to go to Eurovision and the photos are proving it!

Xavi Martinez

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