This is how Twitter reacted to Germany’s ‘bleh’ Eurovision pick

THELOCAL.DE REPORTS / GERMANY – Germany selected 25-year-old Isabella Levina Lueen as its contestant for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. But not everyone was so thrilled by the choice.

Levina performed her song Perfect Life for the Unser Song competition to pick a representative on Thursday, and is now set to jet off to Kiev for the contest in May.

The judges – including Germany’s last Eurovision winner, Lena, from 2010 – were confident that she would represent the country well, after Germany came in last place both in 2015 and 2016.

“Germany will definitely not go wrong,” with Levina, said judge and singer Florian Silbereisen.

But the Twitterverse had other ideas. Many said the song was too similar to Australian singer Sia’s Titanium with David Guetta. “Our Song is ‘Titanium’ by Sia, only shittier. We will simply call it ‘bleh’ (Blech means sheet metal or rubbish),” wrote one Twitter user. Another said “Titanium 2.0” would not win.

Others were sure the pick would secure Germany’s spot in last place. “Levina with Perfect Life… indeed has good chances of successfully protecting the spot of last place,” wrote another, using a cartoon of a man saying “Let’s see who’s going to be last place again at the ESC.”

Another asked: “How many points will Germany get this year?” The answer was in the photo below: zero.

But not everyone was so negative. “A very nice winner for #UnserSong,” wrote one Twitter user. “Hopefully she will do better than her predecessor. Good luck, Levina.”

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