February 10: results from Hungary and Italy plus poll for #melfest dress rehearsal

SWEDEN – The dress rehearsal for the second semi final in Malmö, Sweden concluded tonight and already two favourites declared by the audience poll. Mariette who spoke to last night tops the audience poll with 30.2% while the handsome Benjamin Ingress who also spoke to at the rehearsals is second with 29.7% of the votes.

ROMANIA – “Eurovision: The Chosen Ones” is the title of Sunday’s TVR show show in which the 15 semi finalists for the national selection will be presented by the hosts: Ioana Voicu and Dan Helciug. On February 12th TVR2 and TVR HD will present the qualifiers starting at 20:00 CET. There will be song presentation again of the qualified songs and various Romanian Eurostars will perform their Eurovision entries. Luminiţa Anghel, Ovi Jacobsen, Adrian Romcescu, Paula Seling and Andrei Tudor were the jury members who decided the semi finalists. The final is set for February 26th.

HUNGARY – In the meantime the first semi final for the Hungarian selection, A Dal conceded tonight. Four acts are now proceeding to the final: With a mix of voting 80% jury and 20% app voting three acts qualified to the final and one more proceeded to the A Dal final through 100% televising. The first three qualifiers, chosen by mixture of jury and app votes, were:

Gina Kanizsa – Fall like rain (Jury votes: 10, 10, 10, 10 / Public vote: 5 / Combined: 45)
Joci Pápai – Origo (Jury votes: 9, 10, 10, 9 / Public vote: 7 / Combined: 45)
Gigi Radics – See it through (Jury votes: 8, 9, 9, 9 / Public vote: 7 / Combined: 42)
Soulwave – Kalandor (Jury votes: 7, 8, 8, 7 / Public vote: 7 / Combined: 37)

ITALY – The fourth night of Sanremo Festival ended up with many interesting results among them the winner of the newcomer section. Lele has been declared the winner of Nuove Propose, the newcomers category of Sanremo Festival. The newcomers results

Artist Draw Song Title Votes Rank
Press Public Total
Lele 2 “Ora mai” TBA TBA TBA 1
Maldestro 3 “Canzone per Federica” TBA TBA TBA 2
Francesco Guasti 4 “Universo” TBA TBA TBA 3
Leonardo La Macchia 1 “Ciò che resta” TBA TBA TBA 4

The established artists results

Artist Draw Song Title Votes Place
Press Public Total
Chiara Galiazzo 2 “Nessun posto è casa mia” TBA TBA TBA top-sixteen
Samuel 3 “Vedrai” TBA TBA TBA top-sixteen
Ermal Meta 5 “Vietato morire” TBA TBA TBA top-sixteen
Michele Bravi 6 “Il diario degli errori” TBA TBA TBA top-sixteen
Fiorella Mannoia 7 “Che sia benedetta” TBA TBA TBA top-sixteen
Clementino 8 “Ragazzi fuori” TBA TBA TBA top-sixteen
Lodovica Comello 9 “Il cielo non mi basta” TBA TBA TBA top-sixteen
Paola Turci 11 “Fatti bella per te” TBA TBA TBA top-sixteen
Marco Masini 12 “Spostato di un secondo” TBA TBA TBA top-sixteen
Francesco Gabbani 13 “Occidentali’s karma” TBA TBA TBA top-sixteen
Michele Zarrillo 14 “Mani nelle mani” TBA TBA TBA top-sixteen
Bianca Atzei 15 “Ora esisti solo tu” TBA TBA TBA top-sixteen
Sergio Sylvestre 16 “Con te” TBA TBA TBA top-sixteen
Elodie 17 “Tutta colpa mia” TBA TBA TBA top-sixteen
Fabrizio Moro 18 “Portami via” TBA TBA TBA top-sixteen
Alessio Bernabei 20 “Nel mezzo di un applauso” TBA TBA TBA top-sixteen
Ron 1 “L’ottava meraviglia” TBA TBA TBA bottom-four
Al Bano 4 “Di rose e di spine” TBA TBA TBA bottom-four
Gigi D’Alessio 10 “La prima stella” TBA TBA TBA bottom-four
Giusy Ferreri 19 “Fa talmente male” TBA TBA TBA bottom-four