The latest from Germany, Spain and Bulgaria

BULGARIA – The Bulgarian national broadcaster has chosen its song for Kyiv. The official announcement and presentation will take place on March 13th although we expect sooner to know the name of the artist who will represent the country in the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest.

GERMANY – You can now watch 1:30 of each Unser Song 2017 candidate. There was a press conference today presenting the participants and their songs to the press. You can watch the snippets here. In the meantime the Eurovision Vibes application is open and until the end of the national final live show tomorrow night you can sneak preview the rehearsals and vote for your favourite. International voting will only be announced and will not be counted in the final result.

SPAIN – RTVE have confirmed that there Eurovision National Selection programme, “Objetivo Eurovision” will not include an international jury and that the live programme will last 70 minutes. Toñi Prieto, Director of Entertainment at TVE has confirmed today that the jury will be composed of big named professionals from radio and televison but that it will not include any international presence. The voting will, of course, include the public. She went on to state that “TVE do not want to repeat the same formula every year in order to keep the concept innovative”. Concerning the acts at the national final, they have not been set any limits but have to comply with a live television show’s requirements, which mean there has to be some limitations to stage performances, although TVE have themselves not set any limitations. Prieto has confirmed that the idea of TVE hosting a fixed Eurovision show like those of Sweden or Hungary have been discarded, as “we need to keep the emotion and the novelty at all times”. She is keen to ensure that Spain win the contest in the near future but there are cost limitations to hosting a national final in a theatre or arena, as opposed to live in a television studio. The finalists were chosen from a list of 20 proposals by internal committee, although this excludes the finalist who was previously chosen by the public vote. Prieto went on to state that she fails to see “how Spain ranked so low in previous years with fairly decent songs, while others with far worse place in the Top 3”. TVE will this year show both semifinals from Kiev alongside the Eurovision Song Contest final on 13th May.