Portugal 2017: Fernando Daniel speaks to oikotimes.com

Can you please introduce yourself for our readers ?
Fernando Daniel is a simple guy like any other guy his age. He is a singer and instrumentalist, playing piano and guitar. He frequently works in bars and has participated in some TV formats such as Factor X and more recently The Voice that won and whose blind auditon was considered the best blind proof of The Voice 2016 worldwide. He continues to fight for his dream, which is undoubtedly music.

What music means to you ?
Like i said before music means the world for me. I can’t see myself doing anything but music .That’s why I’m working hard for a place in the Portuguese musical scene and even across borders, who know’s maybe an international career.

How RTP contacted you in order to participate to the festival ?
RTP has invited 18 composers and among them was the Maestro, musician and composer Nuno Feist who has invited me to take part in Festival da Canção 2017.

Recently, Portugal didn’t achieve good results in Eurovision. What’s your point of view about that ?
Well, there are many reasons but mainly because people in Portugal lost interest in the contest there for big names of the music industry didnt even consider taking part in Festival da canção but this year we can see a great investment and and willingness of RTP so that Festival Da Canção returns to its golden age.

This year, it seems that after 1 year absence , Portugal is taking more seriously the contest and their own festival . For example, I’ve read that winners from The Voice has been also invited to participate this year. What do you think that can make difference between you and the others contestants ?
As I mentioned before, it was not RTP who invited the singers but the composers. The fact that there are several singers from several editions of The Voice and the X factor I think is due to the fact that they want to bet on the new generation of Portuguese singers. But the most interesting aspect is that there are several singers and composers of the most varied musical styles. The only advantage that I can see between me and the other winners of the Voice may only be the fact that all the media attention that my participation has caused here and in the rest of the world. But everything will depend on the songs because any of them is very talented.

Can you tell us a little bit more about your song ?
My song is about love. A very powerful song with a great message.

During The Voice, you has been coached by Mickael Carreira, who is already a famous pop star in Portugal. Did you ask him some advises before your decision to participate?
When Nuno Feist invited me to take part in Festival da Canção, in October, i was totally focus on The voice so i did not wanted to mix the two projects.

About Eurovision , do you consider yourself as Eurofan ? what is your best memory about the contest and your favorite song ? I follow Eurovision as much as i can. When Lordi won Eurovision i started to watch it more often. Favorite songs…well i have quite a few but if i had to choose some I would choose Rise like the phoenix by Conchita Wurst and Euphoria by Loreen.

In case you are selected to represent Portugal in Kiev , what are your expectations about the contest ?
One step at a time but as in any competition I take part in, I want to win. I know it is very difficult, the quality level of the songs is getting higher and higher but I would be very happy to bring to Portugal the best result ever.

Your interview will be read by many Eurovision fans across the world, do you have a special message for them ?
I know how much support fans give to all the singers who take part in the Eurovision Song Contest. Your support is a great contribution to what is still the biggest music contest in the world. Thank you very much for all your support!