The latest from Czech Republic, San Marino and The Netherlands

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CZECH REPUBLIC – The national broadcaster has decided its participation for Kyiv. There were 300 submissions and five shortlisted artists but now the head of delegation reveals that the decision has been reached. No details has been given on the artist and the song style chosen but the announcement will take place through a special TV presentation event. Unlike 2015 and 2016, the 2017 Czech participant will take place in several promotional events until May.

SAN MARINO – In a surprise statement, San Marino said that they still haven’t confirmed their participation in the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest. Despite registering like all other countries, the Italian micro state has not yet decided whether they will participate in Kyiv or not. This will be the longest period for announcing their participants since 2012 when Valentina Moletta announced on March 14th. Carlo Romeo, the director general of SMRTV stated in an interview for La Tribuna Sanmarinese earlier this week that an announcement about the contest would happen soon. No details revealed in the interview as to whether the announcement would be about the country’s participant or about the country’s participation or not.

THE NETHERLANDS – The Dutch representatives at the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest, O’G3NE, have presented their very own tulip variety. Known as Tulipa OG3NE, the variety was selected and created especially for the sister band by the cultivating company Remarkable Tulips in honour of their upcoming Eurovision participation. “We immediately knew it was going to be this tulip. The colour symbolizes our participation in the Eurovision Song Contest, and the fringed flower petals are unique and special. We are very proud of our own tulip!” OG3NE said. The tulips were presented to the sisters as a joint present from Remarkable Tulips, radio station 100% NL and the Dutch community of tulip growers. The occasion was marked with champagne at Wesselman Flowers in Roelofarendsveen. The Tulip Promotions Netherlands (TPN) will list the tulip in the International Cultivar Register of Tulip Names. “We hope that O’G3NE, just like the tulip, blooms beautifully on the international stage”, TPN said.


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