Switzerland 2017: Timebelle to Kyiv!



Five classically trained musicians and a singer, five different native languages, with roots in western and eastern Switzerland, Serbia, Romania and Hungary – Timebelle brings together various cultures and offers european music with a unique flavour. The special blend of vocals, accordion, clarinet/saxophone, drumset, guitar and bass embodies a rockin’, high-power groove, with haunting melodies and stomping beats. Sometimes melancholic, sometimes rejoicing, their music always invites to dance and celebrate. The name Timebelle is a hommage to the Zytglogge in Bern, the landmark Clock Tower of the very town, where the musicians met during their studies at the Bern University of the Arts. Today, beside polishing their own sound as a band, they are freelancers, engaged in different orchestras, as well as soloists in chamber music and solo projects. As an image of multicultural Switzerland they are truly predestined for the Eurovision Song Contest 2015. Connected through music, every band member enriches Timebelle with their colorful background and abilities.

About A. Alexandrovic (Swiss) (1167 Articles)
Having experienced the 2006 Eurovision edition in Athens through I became a great fun for the contest and love reporting about it!


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