Sweden 2017: first Melodifestivalen semi final review

Boris René – “This Kiss” – Predict Andra Chansen
René gained lots of popularity after last year’s entry “Put Your Love On Me” finished 10th in the final. “This Kiss” has a similar energetic upbeat rhythm but it has a 70s retro vibe to it. I think René should please his fans but he will find the competition in this semifinal too much to directly qualify.

Adrijana – “Amare” (Love) – Predict 6th Place
This is Adrijana’s debut in Melodifestivalen and she will bring a different style to this semifinal. The song isn’t bad but lacks something. The song needs an energetic performance and spotless vocal. Unfortunately I don’t think her vocal will be good enough to qualify.

Dinah Nah – “One More Night” – Predict Andra Chansen
Dinah really got the Eurofans excited in 2015 with “Make Me (La La La)” she even finished 12th in the final. So she’s back with this year and she doesn’t disappoint. The infectious beat pulls you in and can’t wait to see this. Unfortunately she’s gone with all female with her dancers this year so she will likely miss out on directly qualifying.

De Vet Du – “Road Trip” – Predict 5th Place
This is De Vet Du’s (You Know It) first attempt at Melfest. They are a comedy band in the likes of Samir & Viktor but a lot less successful. Their main draw seems to be the shirtless DJ Hunk who doesn’t do much but look pretty. The song is in Swedish so the comedy will be completely lost on the international audience but with such high profile acts in this semifinal they could easily become the Swedish anti-Melfest vote. These guys have the best shot of making my predictions incorrect.

Charlotte Perrelli – “Mitt Liv” (My Life) – Predict 7th Place
The schlager diva is back but certainly not as we know her. This acoustic folk sounding ballad is the lead single from her new album and her attempt to reinvent herself. The song isn’t horrible but it just doesn’t feel right. After last year’s interval act “Här Står Jag” her fans were expecting a massive comeback and her popularity was once again growing but this move to a new sound will alienate her, I believe. Her haters won’t care, her fans will rebel and everyone else will be left confused by it all.

Ace Wilder – “Wild Child” – Predict Direkt til Finalen
This is Ace’s third attempt to take the crown and she has placed 2nd and 3rd with “Busy Doin’ Nothin'” and “Don’t Worry”. On paper she is a dead cert to qualify and “Wild Child” is the most commercial radio friendly song in this semi but it lacks something for me. It certainly has a growing effect on me though as I’ve liked more every time I’ve heard it. Regardless of my opinion it will qualify with ease and could actually win but I’m not convinced it a winning Eurovision song.

Nano – “Hold On” – Predict Direkt Til Finalen
Nano is the biggest surprise to me in this semifinal. Relatively unknown to the international community, Nano has been featured on a few songs and has had some success of his own but it is very early days for him. His voice tells a story and it contains an honesty that will have the audience voting for him in droves. This could the black horse of the competition and could very well be the winner. Nano will be thrust into the ESC bubble but is he ready the insanity of it all?