Sweden 2017: Ace Wilder attacks Charlotte Perrelli

SWEDEN – According to Expressen.se Charlotte Perrelli was expecting a fiasco at the 2017 Melodifestivalen this is why her only task with her participation, was to promote her new album which will be released this February.

Ace Wilder, participant and qualifier in the Melodifestivalen final said that Charlotte is taking the place from someone who would really want to participate and win.

Despite two victories in Melodifestivalen and winner of the 1999 Eurovision Song Contest, Perrelli failed to qualify placed last in the first semi final.

Perrelli says that three million watch the show and it’s a great showcase for her work as she is an artist, that’s her job and she loves her work.

John Aleman, television director agrees with Perrelli saying that indeed this kind of promotion worths gold as there is no other platform to present her work and it’s huge PR. If she wanted a 30 second commercial in that kind of audience she would have to pay 400-500,000 SEK. Now that she performs in Melodifestivalen her promo costs 2 million SEK

Ace Wilder is adding that despite Perrelli is taking the place of someone who would really like to win, agrees that Charlotte is a beloved artist in Sweden and it’s great that she is participating despite been already an established artist.

SVT responds that there is no problem if Perrelli wants to promote her album. She is participating after all, under the same terms and rules, as all the participants.


special thanks to Martin Hansson (Sweden)