Latvia 2017: problem with the votes from Spotify?


LATVIA – The national broadcaster of Latvia, LTV, has said it is investigating possible attempts of manipulating Spotify streaming data as part of its Eurovision national selection process. LTV has noted a big spike in listeners for a number of artists from certain regions, which it deems as “surprising”.

National selection Supernova 2017 has joined forces with Spotify and will determine the winner by taking into account music consumption data. “Our colleagues from Spotify have noticed that some participants have forgotten to turn off the replay button on their songs for the night”, Supernova producer Ilze Jansone said.

She added, “I would not like to think that such methods are being used by contestants themselves. They are not so naive to believe that a global company such as Spotify would be unable to recognise such manipulation”.

If the winner of Supernova was to be determined solely be streaming, the seven artists that would likely qualify to the semi final would be Anna Zankovska, Linda Leen, Katrīna Cīrule, Lauris Valters, Edgars Kreilis and „Franco Franco”, in no particular order. The first quarterfinal of Supernova 2017 will take place on Sunday at 21.25 local time.