Melodifestivalen: The sex files!

EDITORIAL – Hmm the order was clear… find me all the sexy performances in Melodifestivalen the last 10 years from 2006 till 2016. And how would you describe something sexy? Lets connect it with the word undress maybe…Samir and Victor gave us the idea but DJ hunk is coming to prove that is was good one! So here are the most sexy and undressed performances in Melodifestivalen from 200sex till 201sex (sex in Swedish is six… Google it!)

2000 and Sex has 3 sexy entries. At the first semifinal and 5th in order of appearance is Linda Bengtzing with her song “Jag Ljuger Så Bra” ( I lie so well) She started fully dressed with a great night dress and after being undressed twice she ends up almost with some black vinyl underwear…something that made her go straight to the final and get the 7th place that year.

The first song of the second semifinal is the second sexy entry for this year and group “Elephants” with their song “Oh yeah” . One of the main singers of the group decided to remove that orange “piece of carpet” that he was wearing to show us his great dark body and abs…something that didn’t help much cause they came last at that semifinal…maybe he should have shown his proboscis too.

The third sexy entry for this year is the 4th song of the 3rd semifinal. Jessika Andersson with her song “Kalla Natter” (cold nights ) shows us that for some men some night can be really hot as she performs as a strip girl in a Cabaret…the old fashion way …you know , “me the lights and one chair”..ok some vocals appeared at the end. Maybe Sverige was too conservative that year (what?) and she didn’t make it not even for the Andra chansen and she went back home with the fifth place…a really cold night for her!

2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 were not the sexiest years for Melodifestivalen… only in 2007 at the 4th semifinal ,Verona appeared 7th with her song Musica . After the first half of the song two half naked men appeared playing with fires that actually didn’t fit anywhere…they dint fit the song , they dint fit the rhythm but…they were kind of fit themselves…Verona came last at that semifinal, who knows why. The song was in Italian…Mama mia!

In 2011 we have one sexy entry from Jenny Silver and “Something in your eyes” on the first semifinal. She wanted to convince as that she can be sexy if she wants .The previous year with her song “a place to stay “she dint want that at all. She ended up 3rd at that semifinal and she made it till the Andra Chansen but not till the final. That year I believed that Jenny had the “must win” song of that year…but something in my eyes seemed different. Special detail, see the DRESS ATTACK at the 1:05 of this video. Something on her head!

The sexy entry of the year 2012 is from the group Love generation! After they threw away the one fourth of the group (they were four) and one forth of their uniform they performed 4th on the 3rd semifinal of Melodifestivalen but they ended up 6th so they dint make it till the final. At least they proved that half naked can be more sexy than being fully nude!

2013 has two sexy entries …bit far from what we call sexy in a mainstream way. Sean Banan! 8th act on the second semifinal, with his song “Copacabanana” (Copa what?) At the end of his performance he appears as an angel with pants! Sometimes it can be really sexy when you look good but you don’t take yourself too serious. This helped Sean Banan to go straight to the grand final! He ended up si(e)xth !

The second sexy entry for this year comes from the “Army of lovers” and their song “Rocking the ride”. What to say about them…one of the most bizarre performances in Melodifestivalen . All of the dancers half naked , the main singer having his nipples covered and with La Kamila having issues to follow the playback. They were the big name of the 4th semifinal, and the opening act. Everybody had great expectations from them but they didn’t even make it to the andra chansen…shame (on you) La Kamila!

2014 was a really modest year. In 2015 we have only one sexy entry at the 4th semifinal. The first act from “Midnight boy” and his song “Don’t say no” has a bizarre sexiest from the previous year and a sound from the 80’s. He and his dancers with their androgyny look didn’t make the crowd and the Juries to say yes and they ended up last at that semifinal. Sorry Midnight boy but Conchita Wurst was much more than beards with make up!!!!

And finally two thousand and SEX has THE sexy entry that made as to write that editorial! Samir och Victor the first song of the first semifinal of the Melodifestivalen 2016 is one of the most undressed and sexy performances so far! They even took their pants of at the final! With their song “Bana Nakna” (bath naked) they had a great excuse for their performance even though they kept their briefs on…they left something to be done by the DJ HUNK maybe… Melodifestivalen 2017 we are Waiting for your surprises !!!

special thanks to Anastasis Bachas (Greece)