Spain 2017: host and running order revealed

SPAIN – Jaime Cantizano has been named the host of the Spanish national final 2017, Objectivo Eurovisión through which the country will decide its participation in the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest. On February 4th at 19:00 CET TVE will announce the date of the national final in which six acts will bid for the ticket to Kyiv. The order of appearance has been decided:

1. Manel Navarro
2. Leklein
3. Paula Rojo
4. Mario Jefferson
5. Maika
6. Mirela

The running order decided by the producers of the show based on the stage and light proposals by the participants. The running order emphasises on the rhythm and the spectacles of the show aiming to bring neutrality for all participants during the tele voting which will be opened for all the participants at the same time.



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