Spain 2017: Maika Barbero speaks to

SPAIN – Maika is one of the finalists looking to be selected for Eurovision 2017 in Kiev. Here she talks exclusively to about her passion for music and her desire, as a Eurofan to represent Spain on the Eurovision stage.

Can you introduce yourself for our readers?

Maika is a 38 year-old independent singer from Spain. I’ve got some recognition due to my participation in the first edition of The Voice of Spain (2012) where I reached the final. After that, I’ve released a single (“En Tus Manos”, 2013, an album (“No Return”, 2013), an EP (“New Perspective”, 2016) and my last song is “Momento Crítico/Critical Moment”, selected for “Objetivo Eurovisión”.

What is the message behind your song?

It’s a personal experience, all my songs are. You reach a point when you’re over your head and you decide to shout “STOP!”. Tired of rejection, disrespect, lack of honesty and society in general and the music industry in particular closing their doors and imposing their law and point of view. But here I am, I’m still standing, breaking out my voice, not selling myself or forget my principles for money. You may like me, or hate me, but I’ve got personality and nobody’s gonna change it.

What does music mean to you?

Everything. Like Nietszche said, “Without music, life would be a mistake”.

Why should a Eurofan vote for you to represent Spain at Eurovision?

I would like them to consider my proposal as a whole: song, personal voice and looks and stage impact. Furthermore, Spain has tried with different styles but rock music has never been considered although we have good bands that reached international recognition (Héroes del Silencio is the best example). We could surprise Europe by sending something they don’t expect and who knows!

In recent history Spain have not been very successful at Eurovision. Why do you think this is?

It’s hard to predict if a proposal is going to be successful or not. Probably, if you send a song that is similar/same style as 10 other songs, you don’t have a chance to stand out from the crowd.

Do you consider yourself a Eurovision fan and what is your first memory?

I’m a Eurofan, it’s not a secret! I’ve followed the ESC since I was a child and in the last few years, I’ve also followed national finals. Probably, my first memory and favourite song from my childhood is “Lady, Lady” – Bravo.

This year TVE have decided to do things differently, what are your feelings regarding the changes?

I’m quite positive about it. I think they’re going to do their best to prepare a good show.

The world is currently facing challenges of division. What message would you send to reassure people?

I’m quite surprised about it. I’m not much into politics but I feel a bit scared and sad about the world changing so fast for worst. No matter how different we are, we should be all together helping each other. At least, let’s dream about it…

Do you have a favourite Eurovision song and what is it?

It’s difficult to say just one but if I have to, “A Monster Like Me” by Morland & D. Scarlett.

Can you tell us about what your stage performance would be should you be selected for Kiev?

I hope I can show a bit at the National Final. If I’m lucky and I’m selected to represent Spain.