Russia 2017: is Channel One ready to send a Ukrainian to Kyiv?

RUSSIA – For months now is promoting Aleksandr Panayotov as the 2017 Russian representative in the Eurovision Song Contest. Though Channel One is not confirming nor denying the information.

The Russian national broadcaster responsible for the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest though says that the decision has almost been reached.

Aleksandr Panayotov is stating that he would be happy to represent Russia, it will be a great honour for him.

Aleksandr Sergeevich Panayotov born in Zaporizhia, Soviet Union (now Ukraine), is a Russian pop artist and song-writer.

The voice of this young singer who has already ridden high is considered one of the best pop voices of Russia. The range of the singer voice – three octaves and a half. His name is a sign of high-quality music. Each his concert is a magnificent combination of dancing rhythms and romantic mood in an exclusively “live” sound.

At present Panayotov is working at his second album which will appreciably differ in music from the first one – ≪The Rain Lady≫. If the first album mostly contains lyric songs about love, the second album will get new colors due to modern arrangements in electro pop, dance pop, lounge, and soul music styles.

Aleksandr Panayotov is a welcome guest of many TV-shows, radio-airs and ‘glam’ parties. And it is no wonder! The singer has a fine taste and exclusive style; many people even call him an icon of style. The word “artist” is not an empty phrase for him, but first of all it means responsibility and diligence. He appreciates his audience, respects those for whom and with whom he works.

Aleksandr Panayotov’s talent and diligence have been positively marked by both music critics and his colleagues on a stage.