The Netherlands 2017: O’G3NE have their top three ready for Kyiv

THE NETHERLANDS – Former Junior Eurovision experience, more mature and O’G3NE are ready for Kyiv. They have listened to dozens of songs and narrowed them to three.

Shelley Vol says: “It’s going well. We had a writers camp some weeks ago and we got a lot of nice songs from there. We have currently narrowed down to a top three. They are three totally different songs, so the question is more, what do we want? What message do we want to bring? I think people shouldn’t be surprised about the choice. We will stay close to ourselves. We want to clearly show off our polyphonic sound.”

Gordon Groothedde, Han Kooreneef, their dad Rick Vol and others are among the three teams who composed their Eurovision potential entries.

“There was choice enough. We can’t say: “Oh, we hoped for better songs,” because I think we have heard all sorts of songs now. So, we were very blessed with that.”

There’s no information when the song for Kyiv will be decided and revealed. So we have to wait a bit more. Having in mind that the recent results in Eurovision are promising for The Netherlands, we expect the Dutch entry to be notable enough at least for the fans.

About Norman Burdon (Canada) (417 Articles)
It was a big time for me meeting the guys and made me love the Eurovision Song Contest. I am intending to follow the Eurovision events the upcoming years and offer my services to the ultimate eurovision website!


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