Spain 2017: what a better end for this year with an interview with Fruela

Fruela is one of the Top 3 candidates looking to represent Spain in Kiev 2017. He has previously competed in X-Factor UK and was one of the Top 10 finalists selected to reach the final, here he talks exclusively to about his candidacy and his belief that the song could be an international hit on the Eurovision stage.

01. Welcome to the Eurovision race of 2017. Can you please introduce yourself to our readers?
I am Fruela. I was born in Asturias in the North of Spain but I live in Madrid. I spent two years living in the UK, which although I really enjoyed, I now feel comfortably professional in Madrid. I’m a professional actor by studies and a professional Singer professionally.

02. Why are you bidding for Eurovision? What is your expectation from a potential participation to the biggest international music event? 
I wish to take part in Eurovision because I consider it a window to Europe and the World. So I would like to reach out to the biggest number of people, the more the better, as it’s one of my biggest dreams since I was little. I always dreamed of stepping onto the Eurovision stage and having that opportunity would be a dream achieved. I am very positive about my chances. I feel that I have the skills and the stage setting which is expected from such a stage as Eurovision and the expectation is to achieve that goal.

03. For those who might not get it: what is the message of your song and why should a eurofan like me vote for you? 
The message of my song is how in the negative moments we have to see the light at the end of the tunnel, how we don’t have to give up even if we see no solutions, as there are always solutions. That we have to grasp every moment and live it to the max. I think people should vote for it because it’s got fantastic international appeal and the message to the song reaches out to everyone as who hasn’t ever felt that way.

04. What do you think has gone wrong and Spain hasn’t won Eurovision in recent years? How would you change that? 
The Eurovision results have come more by geographical location and political ideology than for the quality or style of the songs and the music. To change that is difficult. Eurovision has evolved towards a host country than for the quality of the song.

05. What is music for you? What made you interested in it? 
Music for me is everything and I have always been interested in music but my mother has been fundamental as she sings and was the first person to introduce me to music, Disney songs originally. She is also a Singer and has been my main supporter.

06. Who’s behind the song (authors of the song) and who is your biggest supporter in this venture? 
Ander Perez and Amaia Martinez from the group Andermay, Javi Reina, an International DJ, Albert Rousseau and Jeremy Walder, who’s the co-lyricist alongside myself, since I also worked on the song. My biggest support in this venture is my family, who believe in me, in this project. Also the producers who are behind the scenes, who have helped produce this great piece of work.

07. The past year Europe experienced a big problem with refugees. If you could send a universal message via any song to appeal for it what would that be?
I am very saddened over what we’re living in currently. After years of seeking to improve laws, society, allow things to get better, give greater freedoms and tackle injustice, we now seem to be heading in the opposite direction. To what we had 40 years ago, build walls, frontiers, leaving a united union. I feel we’re becoming more racist, less intolerant, less accepting of our differences. My message would be that we are equal, that we all live under the same sky and we all breathe the same air. That we all deserve to be free irrespective of our colour, nationality, everything.

08. If you had the chance to breach the rules and have a lucky charm on the Eurovision stage, what would that be and why? 
I am not very superstitious and I usually don’t have one. My lucky charm would be my parents who always support me and wish me luck, they would be my lucky charm.

09. Whom did you hug or called when you learned you qualified to the next round of the Spanish selection? 
I embraced my mother, the best person that I could celebrate it with.

10. If you were only a viewer/ listener which of the other songs in this round would you vote for?
Me as a Eurofan have my personal favourite but I believe that it would be unfair to say anything and every single competitor deserves my support and each of the finalists left in the contest is worthy of being there and has an equal opportunity of achieving success.