Eurovision 2017 First Ten: Meet them and have a say!

EDITORIAL – The first ten acts for Eurovision 2017 have been chosen. Ten countries already decided their participants. Let’s meet them and let’s have our annual First Ten Poll in which you are called to vote for the top three artists with whom you are already excited. It has nothing to do with winning Eurovision 2017 but it’s all about your excitement. Therefore, meet them and vote for them!


Lindita Halimi recently won the annual music festival of Albania. She declared she will revamp her song and turn it into English but she’s already in the spotlight due to her social media conflict with Eneda Tarifa, pointing negative comments for last year’s Albanian entry. In overall though Lindita has already received huge support from the Eurofans.


It took them a three month marathon talent show to decide that Artsvik will represent country in the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest. The song for her will be decided later on as there is open submission for composers all over the world and Armenia up to January 20th.


A young artist barely known is chosen in Austria named Nathan Trent but it seems that Austrians are somehow excited. His descents are Italian / German and he is a music star of RnB. There is no information how and when the Austrian song will be chosen and presented to the public.


She was suppose to be Samra’s backing vocalist but instead she skipped Stockholm and will be in Kyiv. Diana is a surprise choice, a happy one, as she is totally alternative, singing songs that barely anyone could expect in Eurovision. Therefore we expect a good proposal-song for Eurovision 2017. There is no explanation how and why this artist was chosen nor when the song for Kyiv will be revealed. The good news is that for 2017 we say bye bye to kitsch and ethnic from Baku.


Back to talent shows and Blanche (Ellie Delvaux) will represent Belgium as the RTBF decided. Usually no one is excited about the Belgian entry before the actual rehearsals in he host country begin. The examples of Belgian entries of 2013, 2015 and 2016 are a good proof of that.


Failed in 2010 and 2015 to represent his country Hovig got the ticket to Kyiv through internal selection. He already started the promo tour visiting Armenian national final and performing on stage. His Eurovision 2017 entry will be penned by Thomas G:son like Cyprus did last year and for that cause he got 10,000 Euros from CyBC.


X-Factor UK jury member Louis Walsh proposed Brendan Murray to RTE and they accepted. The young artist with peculiar voice will represent the Queen of Eurovision, Ireland with its 7 victories in the history of the contest. Up to January 19th submissions are open for composers and authors.


Jana Burčeska will represent the country in the Kyiv Eurovision Song Contest edition. The decision made internally and there are rumours that she is the daughter of the FYROM’s ambassador in USA. In the meantime there is still problem with the songs in the country as there are restrictions about ethnic tunes or something like that (no one really got it)


Sexy, talented and alternative: Slavko Kalezić will represent Montenegro after RTCG decision upon 20 submissions. The eccentric artist with many naked photos and wearing high heels is already getting positive impressions from the social media fans. He is known actor mainly in the theatre, he also participated in Russian movies and he became known from his participation in the X-Factor Adria.


Finally, three girls from Junior Eurovision jump to senior Eurovision. With a new name, O’G3NE, and a much more mature style the three girls are preparing their song for Kyiv. Having in mind that due to the recent years good results for the Netherlands, the country is taking seriously the project therefore we do anticipate something very good from them.