Finland 2017: watch the UMK previews and vote for your favourite

FINLAND – Finnish national broadcaster revealed today the music previews for the UMK participants. You can watch them in the following link. In the meantime you can watch our reviews and vote for you favourite entries in the following poll powered by On New Year’s Eve, 31 December, 19:10 local time, there will be a preview show on YLE TV 2 hosted by Mikko Silvennoinen, and panel which is evaluating videos will include Eini, Jaana Pelkonen, Tuija Pehkonen and Suvi Aalto.

About Norman Burdon (Canada) (417 Articles)
It was a big time for me meeting the guys and made me love the Eurovision Song Contest. I am intending to follow the Eurovision events the upcoming years and offer my services to the ultimate eurovision website!


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