Spain 2017: NitoDK speaks about his #Eurocasting experience

NitoDK was one of the Top 10 finalists who made the Spanish National Final for Eurovision 2017, here he talks exclusively to about his candidacy and his belief in the kind of music needed at Eurovision and what the contest means to him.

01. Welcome to the Eurovision race of 2017. Can you please introduce yourself to our readers?
I am Nito, I am 28 years old, born in Castellon de la Plana and resident in Madrid. I present my song LUNA in Objectivo Eurovision 2017 with a desire to demonstrate everything that I can do on stage.

02. Why are you bidding for Eurovision? What is your expectation from a potential participation to the biggest international music event? 
I present myself to Eurovision because I am a great fan of the festival from a very young age. The expectation is to participate in the festival and represent Spain with a song and a stage setting that contains a lot of strength and a latin air.

03. For those who might not get it: what is the message of your song and why should a eurofan like me vote for you? 
The message of the song is to transmit the magic and the passion of the Spanish people, the strength and the charisma that characterises our country.

04. What do you think has gone wrong and Spain hasn’t won Eurovision in recent years? How would you change that? 
I think that a lot of things can influence, among them perhaps that Europe expects something different from us. I believe that the key is in taking a song that demonstrates a lot of strength and a well rehearsed stage performance.

05. What is music for you? What made you interested in it? 
Music is my way of life, as much as singing and dancing is the only way in which I can express all my feelings.

06. Who’s behind the song (authors of the song) and who is your biggest supporter in this venture? 
The lyrics are composed by myself and the music is by Chus Santana. My biggest support has been my friends and my family.

07. The past year Europe experienced a big problem with refugees. If you could send a universal message via any song to appeal for it what would that be?
The world belongs to all human beings and we need to be more polite and helpful to each other.

08. If you had the chance to breach the rules and have a lucky charm on the Eurovision stage, what would that be and why? 
My lucky charm would be a lot of people on stage.

09. Whom did you hug or called when you learned you qualified to the next round of the Spanish selection? 
I called my family and my friends to tell them immediately.

10. If you were only a viewer/ listener which of the other songs in this round would you vote for?
I think I would choose Nieves Hidalgo because she provides that Spanish air which is needed.