Spain 2017: Romy Low speaks about her participation in the national preselection

SPAIN – Romy Low was one of the Top 10 finalists who made the Spanish National Final for Eurovision 2017, here she talks exclusively to about her candidacy, her belief in continuously learning from experience and her thoughts on Eurovision.

Welcome to the Eurovision race of 2017. Can you please introduce yourself to our readers?
Firstly, I would very much like to thank you for this interview and offer you a warm hug for yourselves and your readers. I am Romy Low, composer, singer, artist…and above all a person with lots of dreams.

Why are you bidding for Eurovision? What is your expectation from a potential participation to the biggest international music event? 
I feel that it will be an incredible experience and if everything works, it will open many doors. Even if my experience has taught me not to have a lot of expectations, so whatever happens was meant to be. I have spent many years constantly fighting and for me it’s another adventure that can be added to, alternatively it could be a fleeting one and I will continue my journey happy and content with life for allowing me to do what I like to do.

For those who might not get it: what is the message of your song and why should a eurofan like me vote for you? 
It summarises one of the things I most value in life, unconditional life, being able to give without expecting to receive… A positive message, full of love, that makes you forget your problems and enjoy without any worries, if only for a few minutes.

What do you think has gone wrong and Spain hasn’t won Eurovision in recent years? How would you change that? 
I guess there exists a number of factors that escape us because every year has not resulted in the best song being the winning song… In terms of changing that…difficult question, I’m sure that the EBU themselves have been asking themselves that same question for years…

What is music for you? What made you interested in it? 
I am linked to music from a very young age, music has always been one of my main passions, I am one of those persons with a keen ear for music…I also discovered that I had aptitudes for composition, so I never had any doubts.

Who’s behind the song (authors of the song) and who is your biggest supporter in this venture? 
“In Love” is composed by myself, in both melody and lyrics and produced by Xasqui Ten. I have 3 basic pillars in terms of support, aside from all the professionals from big and small companies who have accompanied me at any time and who have given me so much. One pillar are the loyal fans and people who follow and support me and it all makes me satified of my work. Another pillar is my family, who are always there, at the heart of everything and the most important pillar, without any doubt, is who gives me the strength and motivation to continue each day, my Manager Xavi Guzman, the greatest person I know.

The past year Europe experienced a big problem with refugees. If you could send a universal message via any song to appeal for it what would that be?
Above all I would send a message of solidarity, of compassion and of use of consciousness. A short while ago, I said the same thing in an online post, we must be happy but without ignoring the obvious.

If you had the chance to breach the rules and have a lucky charm on the Eurovision stage, what would that be and why? 
Without doubt my Manager and my mother by my side!!! Hahaha because the best thing that we have in life are people and the best lucky charm is the energy which they can provide you with.

Whom did you hug or called when you learned you qualified to the next round of the Spanish selection? 
I was with my Manager so he received the first hug!

If you were only a viewer/ listener which of the other songs in this round would you vote for?
It would be unfair for my part to favour someone at this stage, even if I like someone more than another but I also think they all have a lot of quality and anyone of those noted could represent us. I may tell you further on.