Spain 2017: Nieves Hidalgo speaks about her preselection participation

SPAIN – Nieves Hidalgo was one of the Top 10 finalists who made the Spanish National Final for Eurovision 2017, here she talks exclusively to about her candidacy and her belief in music and her thoughts on Eurovision.

Can you please introduce yourself to our readers?
I am Nieves Hidalgo, I have almost 27 years of musical experience. My grounding is in Flamenco, I began with Copla and Folklore when I was 13 and I have toured the world with Flamenco and entertainment, other styles of dance. I have been lucky to win a few prizes and I go learning from each adventure, including this Eurovision adventure that was proposed to me by Rafael Artesero.

Why did you bidding for Eurovision? What was your expectation from a potential participation to the biggest international music event?
I never thought of participating. It was something that came to me. Rafael Artesero thought of me, thinking I could work on this song, He searched for me online, made contact with me and I loved the song wholeheartedly. I have no expectation, I am honoured to be among the finalists.

For those who might not get it: what is the message of your song and why should a eurofan like me vote for you?
Its the story of a love which enslaves you. How lovely and cruel it is at the same time. It’s a strong song, it’s in Spanish and it’s a great song to represent Spain as it touches the soul and is ideal for a stage such as Eurovision.

What do you think has gone wrong and Spain hasn’t won Eurovision in recent years? How would you change that?
I don’t want to go all political but apart from the whole Eastern bloc segmentation, maybe we haven’t been able to find what Europe wants from us, the right song. “Eres Tu” (Mocedades, 1973) is a fantastic song, it should be a reference for Spain. We have wonderful songs that could easily make the Top 40 but what makes a song Spanish? What can we identify as Spain when listening to a song? I have nothing against English, I use English regularly but we need a song which has a lot of strength, a fantastic stage presentation but we’ve done that before and it still hasn’t worked. There’s been some amazing entries and I don’t know, hopefully we find the right formula and one of us can reach that podium, whoever it is, that they make us dream again. It’s possible.

What is music for you? What made you interested in it?
I cannot imagine the world without music. It’s not everything because there’s other things such as family, love… things that surround me but music is very important to me. I can’t imagine my life, the world, the planet without music. If I had to be blind or deaf, that would be preferable to not having music. I woke up to events in Berlin and I only want to sing, to not cry. I feel that music at an International stage is not racist as there is no difference. I just wish that music was the solution to all the world’s problems, for me it is, I just hope it was for everyone.

Who’s behind the song and who was your biggest supporter in this venture?
Rafael Artesero is behind the song and my family are my biggest support. My daughter is excited by this adventure. Apart form my own emotion, the feeling gathered from everyone around me, their passion, their support.

The past year Europe experienced a big problem with refugees. If you could send a universal message via any song to appeal for it what would that be?
We can all see ourselves in that situation, that suddenly you have to leave with all you have on you, with nothing. Your heart breaks when you see children on the streets, hungry, dying. It’s a question of togetherness, of understanding. It’s unforgiving to have people dying of starvation. I have gained hope from music, as it has saved me from many situations and it has opened my heart. I would love to get to that magic stage and that people, for only a brief moment, were able to stop violence in the world. That would be my dream.

SPAIN – Nieves Hidalgo was one of the Top 10 finalists who made the Spanish National Final for Eurovision 2017, here she talks exclusively to about her candidacy and her belief in music and her thoughts on Eurovision: – #eurovision #eurovisiongr #escpress #cometogether #oikotimes #avmag #melfest #impacthub

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If you had the chance to breach the rules and have a lucky charm on the Eurovision stage, what would that be and why?
I would say my faith. I have had many items which I carry around, I adore every one of them but I recently freed myself from all of them. I think that although every day it’s more difficult to get to Eurovision, if I got there, I could do a good job, I could touch people with my performance, with the song. I don’t think I’d take anything physical with me. I would take my belief, my faith. I know Spain would be glued to their television sets knowing that I would be giving it my all, capable of touching people through my music.

Whom did you hug or called when you learned you qualified to the next round of the Spanish selection?
I was with my sister and my mother when I heard the news that I was in the final 10. The first thing I did was record a voice message for my daughter’s teacher, who played it in front of the class, while another teacher recorded my daughter’s reaction. They didn’t want me to miss out on that reaction.

If you were only a viewer/ listener which of the other songs in this round would you vote for?
Javi Soleil (Alas Mojadas) who is no longer among the finalists. I like the song, it’s in Spanish, which I feel is important, not that other options are not good since that’s not the case but for me it’s an important part of Eurovision to sing in the native language and also Javi has an amazing voice.