November 16: delegation activities and postcards filming

The Bringers of Rain
To a sun parched Malta, the arrival of rain was a godsend, even if the timing of the downpours wreaked havoc in the schedules of the countries participating in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. The rain also created some fantastic photo opportunities which the students at MCAST captured in their talented lenses. For Malta, the JESC songs are the lucky bringers of rain.

Happy Birthday to Georgian Mariam
It’s been a wonderful day for Mariam Mamadashvili, from Georgia. She is celebrating her 11th birthday today. She is here with her parents and travelled all the way from Georgia to Malta for this year’s Junior Eurovision. This morning, the host delegation for Georgia prepared a little surprise for her, sending her some balloons into her to her room in the hotel.

Destiny croons “Happy Birthday” to JESC Creative Director
And as the day drew to a close, the JESC Creative Director and Show Producer Gordon Bonello received a massive surprise. Gordon was rushing all over the place, trouble shooting, streamlining and encouraging his colleagues to ensure the best results in the rehearsals. He was a bit mystified when his colleagues, normally very co-operative, seemed to be avoiding him or, worse, ignoring him. As he walked, perplexed, into the auditorium, the rich dulcet tone of Destiny filled the air with a resplendent Happy Birthday. It dawned on Gordon that his birthday, which he had forgotten completely, had been remembered by his family, his friends and his colleagues who gave him a rousing cheer.

A Boat trip around Valletta harbour
The 2nd day of Junior Eurovision continued with various activities for the groups of Maltese students who met up with the contestants of F.Y.R Macedonia, Italy, Ireland and Israel. The first activity for the day was a boat trip in the spectacular Grand Harbour, a natural harbour created by Mother Nature through a sunken coastline. It has been used as a harbour since at least Phoenician times. The natural harbour has been greatly improved with extensive docks and wharves, and has, over the centuries, been massively fortified.

Belarus hovers for the postcard
Belarus shot their postcards above the ground. These were shot inside the venue at MCC, they use the hover board to glide around the long halls of the Sacra Infermeria…way to go, kids.

Postcards under one roof
The JESC contestants for the Netherlands and Cyprus took shelter from the pouring rain and shot their postcards in the majestic halls of the Sacra Infermeria.