NERIT not eligible for Eurovision 2015?

ATHENS, GREECE – Since summer 2014 the Greek national broadcaster announced their interest to participate in Eurovision 2015. Since yesterday the plans are postponed as President and CEO of NERIT resigned due to claims for governmental intervention. Moreover, MAD TV – NERIT contract for outsourcing the national final production hasn’t been signed. But there is another big question: even if Greece wants to participate in Eurovision are they eligible to do so?

“To participate in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest, a broadcaster has to be a Member of the EBU. NERIT’s participation in 2014 was granted based on the pending application for membership and the exceptional situation in Greece.”

The deadline for confirming participation is September 15th. Countries can withdraw without penalty by October 10th and issues like NERIT’s active membership has an unofficial deadline the allocation draw which takes place, usually, in mid January. But we got it clear by doing the math: Greece is not currently eligible to participate in the contest!

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