VALLETTA, MALTA – The 2014 edition of Junior Eurovision is about to gear up this summer with EBU giving big efforts to restore the lost reputation of few countries only participating in the contest. The first information though show positive reactions towards participation but still we have a long way till everything is finalised.

First of all, Malta is now focusing (after their Eurovision 2014 project) to an amazing organisation for the November show. We really hope we manage to be there under specific prerequisites as at least for what matters is transportation and good press centre facilities. We also hope the staging and the venue to be even more amazing than last year (not to mention tat JESC needs a great than Amsterdam edition, show which is considered the best JESC edition ever).

Then we come to participating countries. It seems that the 12 countries participating in 2013 will be back in Malta. Why not after all, as been in the island of knights in November is practically early summer in most European countries. It will be full of summer sense in Malta with landscape, food and nightlife rumoured to be one of the best in the Mediterranean region.

It seems that Hungary and Iceland will participate for the very first time in the contest although there are still tough negotiations with the EBU on it. Rumours about Greece and Spain seem to be totally false (especially when they are “confirmed” by untrustworthy trashy websites like ESCPlus!). Spain keep shouting out they reject return to the contest and Greece is still furious with ESC results and they don’t intend to return to Junior (at least for now).

On the other side Albania and Czech Republic are considering the option, although they still doubt it they want to spend money on a project they will not win anyway UNLESS they decide to seriously search and submit a great entry this time. Not to forget that Cyprus is also in negotiations as there are sponsoring and projects ready for CyBC to accept but the island’s broadcaster is under serious restructure and budget cuts, doubting any potential return in the near future.

So, this is a big bet for Maltese national broadcaster (PBS) and EBU. Will they really try to revamp Junior Eurovision? Many suggestions submitted to them still not in a mood to be adopted and really change the sentiment. The TV rates plunder year by year but the spirit of some countries remain high for the contest. The big issue for western countries is that eastern ones, vote for each other and eventually they always win.

I am so damn curious to see whether EBU will succeed and if Malta will indeed prove they can host a big show with no discounts in the organisation and costs. I am also damn curious on how countries like Spain, Greece and Cyprus with high demands by kids to open the door to an international event like JESC and therefore an international opportunity to show their talent, will react in the every end of the negotiations.

Therefore I can’t stop asking myself: WILL MALTA MANAGE TO BRING US #TOGETHER AFTER ALL?