COPENHAGEN, DENMARK – Despite demonstrations in Kiev it is unthinkable if Ukraine would not participate in the Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen in May, the Eurovision expert and commentator at DR Ole Tøpholm says.

The violent political unrest that is currently raging in the former Soviet republic will have no impact on its participation in the Eurovision in Copenhagen and when Ukraine was the host nation in 2005, it was just after the Orange Revolution with plenty of protesters and riots on the streets of Kiev – the same places as today. Back then EBU chose to hold the competition in the country without hesitation, Ole Tøpholm says to dr.dk/grandprix.

The Eurovision Song Contest is a cultural event, not political. The problems in the Middle East have not affected the involved countries in the Eurovision during the previous years and it will therefore not affect this year as well.

The EBU does very rarely drag consequences of the political circumstances in the participating countries. Last time was after the 1992 Eurovision in Malmö where Yugoslavia was kicked out of the competition.

But still there is no doubt that Ukraine will participate in Copenhagen, Ole Tøpholm concludes.