PRESS RELEASE – Pop singer Adelén wins the 2013 Eurodanceweb Award with the song “Bombo”, thus giving Norway the very first victory in the history of the competition. “Bombo” was the runner-up this year’s Norsk Melodi Grand Prix and, after this partecipation, it was released in many European Countries such as Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Italy and Spain.

With the highest score ever achieved in the history of the Award (284 points) and the largest distance from the second placed song (exactly 70 points), “Bombo” is a record winner.

The podium of this year’s award is completed by Dutch popstar Sharon Doorson with her international hit “High On Your Love” and German dj and producer Alex Megane feat. CVB with his latest single “We Are The Colours”.

Four past ESC singers were nominated for this year’s award: Ivi Adamou was 8th with “Time To Love” produced by Spanish dj Marsal Ventura, Željko Joksimović achieved the 9th place with “Ludak Kao Ja”, Estonia’s 1998 entrant Koit Tomee placed 25th with “Elu täie raha eest” and Natalia Podolskaya (2005 Russian representative and winner of that year’s Eurodanceweb award) was only 31st with “Novyj mir” together with Dj Smash.

The line-up also featured several artists who recently competed in some Eurovision National Finals: Michael Feiner & Caisa with their 2013 Melodifestivalen entry “We’re Still Kids” (5th place in the Eurodanceweb chart), Greek dj Alex Leon feat. Demy and Epsilon (10th place with his summer hit “The Sun”), Finnish UMK finalist Diandra (11th place with “Lost”), 2009 and 2010 Dora entrant Franka Batelić (12th place with “Run” produced and arranged by Colonia’s member Boris Đurđević aka Eric Destler), 2013 KDAM finalist Shany Zamir with “Forever” (16th place), Latvian Liene Candy with her 2013 Eirodziesma song “Higher and Higher” (29th place) and the runner up of last year’s Moldovan selection Boris Covali (34th with “Your Fine Eyes”).


All the songs were selected by the editors of the website, which monitors the European dance scene and promotes artists from every European Country since 2001. The nominees were listened and voted by a professional jury of more than 100 experts from all over the world made up of djs, producers, musicians, journalists, radio speakers and bloggers.

For four months, even readers and fans had the chance to choose their own favourite online through a Poll. Winner of this competition was Maddee Loveday representing Malta win “Follow Love”.