BAKU, AZERBAIJAN – Böyük Sehne is the show through which Azerbaijan will choose its entry and artist for the 2014 edition of Eurovision Song Contest as Ictimai confirmed to today.

The show is now unknown to the Eurofans as it was the one which Farid Mammadov won last year and proceeded to the grand national final of Azerbaijan. We all remember the magnificent ballad of Farid Mammadov which ranked 2nd in Eurovision 2013, in Malmoe, Sweden.

Böyük Sehne is a relent show which was aired by a commercial broadcaster but this season was taken by Azeri national broadcaster, Ictimai. Castings for the show will commence in January and the first information say that we will have some preliminary rounds, semifinals and a final.

More details about the format and the dates are coming soon! Stay tuned!

Below you can see Farid Mammadov performing his Eurovision entry “Hold Me” in the show Böyük Sehne before his qualification to the Eurovision Final in Baku!

09th January – Sumgait and Gence (Ganja)
10th January – Lenkeran and Yevlax
11th January – Sirvan and Seki
12th January – Quba
13th January – Baku