Welcome to the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 where 26 countries will fight really hard to get this year’s trophy. From 39 participants we are now in the final phase of the 58th ESC edition. Many Eurostars will also be included in the final: Lys Assia, Loreen, Eric Saade, Carola, Sarah Dawn Finer. Enjoy the show!

With an amazing video of 2012 victory of Loreen in Baku, the trip of a new born butterfly (caterpillar) throughout Europe begins arriving in Malmoe, where Zlatan Imbrahimovic welcomes us all to the host city while Avicci and B&B are presenting the new song in a choir version with all participants arriving on stage presenting their national flags as well. Petra Mede looks stunning in her welcome opening with a gorgeous dress.


France has the honor to open this year’s contest and Amandine Bourgeois is perofrming a rock song and seems to have some problems with her earphones. Dressed in black and with a static but powerful performance is giving us great vocal performance almost theatrical. Great vocals but indifferent song. Descent presentation though, in the overall. Big applause for France!

Lithuania’s Andrius Pojavis is next and gets a big welcome applause at the beginning of the song. Andrius seems confident and gives very good and dynamic vocal performance. Static presentation but this one can get easily high points by the UK and Ireland. He seems so happy to be in the final although no one (besides poll) predicted this entry to the final.

Moldova is next and Aliona Moon is accompanied on stage by Pasha Parfeny (composer of the song and also Moldova’s 2012 participant). Appearing through smoky stage with the perfect dress of hers which ables graphics to appear on it and her AMAZING voice Aliona is giving an outstanding performance. Moldova could do well for me I am just worried of Aliona perform so soon in the final though. This is the scond song in a national language tonight, well done as it sounds great. Huge applause for Alion and Moldova!

The arena goes frantic as Krista Siegfrids come on stage. Marry me is performed in a funny way as Krista is dressed in a modern wedding dress aiming to convince her boyfriend to propose her. Perfect dance act, great energy on stage and we all love it. Since her boyfriend seems to have rejected her she decides to go Lesbian and kisses her female backing dancer. GREAT KISS, GREAT IDEA, GO FINLAND, the arena goes mad when the kiss comes!

Spanish entry is performed by El Sueno De Morfeo a band which was internally selected by TVE and along with the song was not very popular in their country. The performance of Raquel is not very good tonight, as she seems to be vocally “nervous” somehow and the chorus of the song sounds more like shouting rather than hitting high notes. Not a good entry. Lead singer uses the catwalk and lights on a ball in yellow color just like her dress. Huge applause for this one as well.

Belgium gets a very big welcome applause in the opening of the song. Roberto gives an outstannding vocal and stage performance tonight and he fully supports his act. Two female dancers give amazing support to the song with this dance act. One of the best Belgian entries in the recent year. Perfecr performance massive applause for Roberto!

Estonia has one of the greatest songs this year, not in music terms but in the way this song touches you when you hear it. Birgit is pregnant to a baby boy and with her black and white camera plans she begins her performance. Superb vocal performance and excellent use of the catwalk to interact with cameras and the audience. Huge applause for Birgit in the arena

Belarus is next and we land to planet Solayoh. Alyona Lanskaya and her team have worked their ASS OFF in hard work and preparations to make this happen. The gorgiest girl in the contest.Great dancing Alyona got dancy more than ever and amazing vocas. BELARUS DESERVES THE BEST well done! Great enthusiasm in the arena.

Great welcome applause for Gianluca Bezzina from Malta. Sweet and hunky, Gianluca gives his positive energy all over Europe right now with a great performance. Either you like or hate the song he is there to smile for you along with his friends on stage. They all gather on a bench at the last part of the song. It’s all about a good tomorrow and as long as WE ARE ONE we can believe in better days. I have to admit I wouldn’t mind some better vocals from him! Great applause in the arena!

Russia’s next and Dina Garipova gives a static but overall a powerful performance of “What If”. Sweet face but terrible outfit, Dina is accompanied by backing vocalists two of them throwing a lighten balloon to the audience. It’s clear that Russia wants to win this thing although there is great scepticism from most press and media here regarding two things: the originality of the song and that going to St-Petersburg would be very expensive! Let’s see though what will happen…

Germany is welcomed by extremely enthusiasm inside the arena and everyone’s pumping up and down daoncing. IT’S AMAZING what’s going on inside the arena, WE MIGHT HAVE A WINNER tonight with this one. Great vocals amazing performance and totally perfect sound. Cascada’s leader singer Natalie is simply taking over the stage with an outstanding performance. The arena doesn’t stop shouting all over the song, it’s madness inside the Malmoe Arena. THE ARENA IS SHAKING from the applause, shouts!

After Cascada, this one seems to be quite poor. Armenia’s Dorians are performing their “Lonely Planet” (another planet than that of Solayoh). Beautiful performance and definitely will do well thanks to the Armenian diaspora all over Europe. Gor is giving a very good performance and his vocals are great. The band-type staging and performance seems to work well for this act as very feww expected them in the final this year.

At this point we would like to cogratulate SVT for the great production of the show and the postcards. 11,000 spectators are interacting with the contest like never before. The post cards production is simply amazing and has been done all over the participating countries. The stage is amazing and has a weird shape something like Melodifestivalen logo, something like a king’s crown, something like a butterfly. It’s amazing.

The Netherlands: Anouk is performing her magical song making you feeling like you are having a dream. Totally classical, with classy performance and EXCELLENT vocals we think that The Netherlands can surprise us all tonight and take the whole. After 9 years the country is in the final. Anouk is giving a great performance, for a song which could have been a Jame Bond theme as well. Excellent sound and music, perfect graphics in the background depicting birds and YES NETHERLANDS YOU DID WELL! Huge reactions in the arena. CONGRATULATIONS NETHERLANDS

Sorry but after the magical performance of Anouk, the Romanian entry sounds and seems quite hilarious and cheep. I cannot understand why this trash qualified although I keep hearing here and there that people started to love this one! Of course it will not win tonight. Besides the trashy song, the stage presentation is what I really love. Totally artistic and theatrical presentation of the vampires (a key feature of the Romanian culture anyway).

United Kingdom’s legend Bonnie Tyler is on stage. SHe is performing quite Ok and she seems very confident and ready to get the trophy back in London. Yes, that could happen although lots of people don’t love the song as they expected another “Totally eclipse of the heart”. In any case Bonnie Tyler goes to the end of the catwalk she is lifted up and the arena bracellets light on. HUGE HUGE reactions for the United Kingdom! GOOD LUCK BONNIE WE ALL LOVE YOU!

Ladies and gentlemen the arena goes really MAD: the host country Sweden and its representative Robin Stjernberg are on. It’s not “Popular” it’s not “Euphoria” but it’s BECAUSE OF YOU and everyone dances their ass off in the arena! Amazing vocal performance, great dance act on stage and Robin is conquering our hearts second by second. Not a song to win but it’s a song to get our 12 points just because of the great spirit and emotions spread all over. MALMOE THANK YOU FOR A GREAT SHOW! Reactions? COME ON it’s the host country OF COURSE IT’S MASSIVE AND FRANTIC!

Not an easy one but a derved qualifier ByeAlex is on stage and they give a very artistic and alternative performance in standing props. This is a love-or-hate song and it proved to be good choice for Hungary as got the country in the final. Somehow the arena SIMPLY loves it although we don’t thing it will do anything special tonight. In terms of music and art we LOVE this song but in EUROVISION terms we see it low in the scoreboard. In overall Alex Márta is defending his song and supports his performance as best as possible. Great reactions in the arena people really love it.

The arena is goes thrilled as Denmark’s Emmelie de Forest is on stage performing “Only Teardrops” the song that for 3 months now tops the betting odds and poll predictions on the web. It’s amazing what happens in the arena when the song starts with the flute. Crazy reactions in the arena. We have a big contender for the trophy. Great vocal performance and great stage presentation which is simple, symbolic and totally effective. SMASHING APPLAUSE AND SCREAMS inside the arena!

Iceland is next and Eythor Ingi is the sweetest person of them all in Malmoe. I personally consider this ballad equally great as Anouk’s and Eythor’s performance is proven to be one of the best tonight. In fact I need to point that all participants tonight give smashing vocal performances. Very sweet although oldfashioned tune, this is atrue Eurosong and through it’s simplicity it’s becoming modern through the great styling of the singer. Lovely music and lovely presentation. Very warm reception by the arena. Great stage presentation totally nordic lights in it!

Farid Mammadov represents Azerbaijan with “Hold Me” penned by Greece’s Dimitris Kontopoulos, staged by Greece’s Fokas Evangelinos and in lyrics from John Ballard. What can I say it’s almost undescribable: it’s perfect, it’s simple, it’s glorious. Great vocals and amazing stage presentation with box and the dancer in it presenting the soul of Farid plus the female with the long red dress coming on stage and play with Farid. Extremely enthusiastic reactions: MANY SAY IT’S BAKU AGAIN

What a party: Greece is next and Elias Kozas, his band and Agathonas Iakovides are giving one hell of a performance. Totally in mood and with party emotions they conquer Europe as alcohol is free tonight. The lights turn off and band’s instruments are lightened. Great reactions in the arena THEY ALL LOVE IT. Elias and Agathonas BIG BRAVO!

Ukraine is next: Great vocal performance by Zlata while the giant in the opening of the song shakes the cameras with his footsteps… The performance is absolutely amazingly structured and seems like we have the song style of Anouk in Hollywood production on stage. Well done it gets big applause and reactions in the arena.

Simple and totally sexy, alternatie gentlemen, Marco Mengoni is simply spreads love all over Europe. Italy is getting ready to host the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest and yes it’s possible this is a song with extremely great quality and modernity at the same time. Superb vocal performance and we all in love with Marco and his voice. He is abso(fucking)lutely amazing! HUGE HUGE reactions in the arena.

From one favourite to the other as Norway comes on stage: it will be a thriller in the voting as the second half of this show tonight has all the great songs and favourites. Margaret Berget is brilliantly delivering the song on stage with her totally electro pop performance. MY GOD NORWAY IS AMAZING in the arena and the people can’t stop scream and dance in it. In the press center the excitement is also huge!

One more song that everyone here think it will be top five, it is made in Sweden and performed by Sophie and Nodi from Georgia. This ballad is well performed with great vocals, very simple but impressive stage presentation and lovely clothes. The pyros used reminds us of course Azerbaijan 2011 and I am not sure that such a copy (of presentation) will get us to Tbilisi next year. Though we all admit here that this one is POTENTIAL WINNER tonight (already checking flights and hotel to this unknown city of Europe). Great reactions in the arena.

Last but not least it’s Ireland and the cute Ryan Dolan. I love this little short and muscled elf. I love the sexy tatooed and half naked men opening the song. The tune is great combining perfect elements of the Irish music tradition with the modern dance pop. Ryan is giving a great performance and people started to love this song as of last week when surprisingly qualified to the final. Eurovision Queen Ireland could do well especially performing 26th tonight.

It’ssad to report that this ends the compeition part for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. Recap of the songs and interval acts with Loreen, Petra Mede, Carola and Sarah Dawn Finer (the later performs the ABBA song “The Winner Takes it All”. Televoting will soon be over and combination with last night’s jury results will make this night THE MOST THRILLING NIGHT SINCE 2003!!!