ROSA LOPEZDuring the Spanish song selection (ESDM Destino Eurovision) had the opportunity to interview with jury member and Eurovision 2012 representative of Spain Rosa Lopez thanks to our correspondent from Barcelona Jesus Contreras.

After watching Pastora Soler last year, I have realised that it doesn’t matter the voice, style, sound or anything. That it should be about doing your best because its clear you won’t win. Its another year, another learning experience for an artist but since I did ok when I competed its now a case of you’re not going to win.

This year we have a Celtic tune, a great singer, great voice and the music, the Celtic sound could appeal to other countries but the band need to realise this is a chance to showcase themselves, to make a name for yourselves. I like the song this year, the singer feels the song, the song has a great message, it sounds better live. We have taken great singers but we did better with comic acts than with great artists, it doesn’t feel right. El Sueño de Morfeo are a great band, they have experience, they are good. We want them to do well, I’d love them to win but well…

I would repeat at Eurovision if I had a choice of song, I’d love to go but a lot of things have to be right. The current selection process is better, the artist has more choice over the song. I would love to sing with a US singer if I had a choice, even a Latin singer but I love music so happy to sing with anyone. “I am Rosa Lopez and I’d love to send a big kiss to the Oikotimes Family and wish you all to continue loving music and life and great happiness to all”