MAJA NIKOLICOne of the contestans who were eleminated in the semifinal, Maja Nikolic (don’t confuse as her name is the same as hostess’s), claims that the results were manipulated and that everyone knew who is going to win monthes before the festival.

She is surprised that much more experienced and Balkan wide famous stars as her and Maja Odzaklijevska and Nenad Milosavljevic didn’t pass. She was so angry on Saturday night that she left the studio faster then Husein Bolts world record.

Maja says that she feels sorry for the girls from the Voice and that it will not be their fault if they don’t succeed in Malmo. They won only because they have instant fame that won’t last long. She also claims that it is so easy to frame the votes these days.

“A new sim-card costs 200 dinars (2 Euros), and it already has enough credit for five messages. So everyone can buy few hundred of them. Multiply few hundred of them with five messages and you get several thousands of votes. They should have retained the rule from Beovizija where only one numer can sent one message.”.

Maja Odzaklijevska also wasn’t satisfied with the results because as she pointed out, three noname highschool girls have qualified and she didn’t. It is maybe because mother of the author of the song works at RTS’s music production.

Also several stars from Serbia claimed on social networks that the festival was too much monotonous and it felt like it is a day of mourning.