AUSTRIA – In 1998, Wilfried Scheutz, represente Austria with the song “Lisa Mona Lisa” which scored aboslutely null points from the juries. Wilfried Scheutz passed away on July 16th after a four year battle with cancer which spread to his head.

Born in Bad Goisern and Gmunden he moved to Graz when he was 19 to study music and in 1973 he released his rock version of Ziwui Ziwui making him a pioneer in the modern traditional music.

He was member of Ersten Allgemeinen Verunsicherung band with which he released his first album and in 1996 he introduced the a cappella band 4Xang with hundreds of concerts throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

He also wrote a book with short stories, poems combined with personal photos from his life. In 2009 he opened a restaurant along with his wife and in 2011 he created the band Neue Band along with his son Hanibal.

His last album released in 2012 under the title Tralala along with a Best Of and in 2016 he starred in the play Tankstelle der Verdammten in Vienna.