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NERIT responds upon Eurovision future

ATHENS, GREECE – Many media wrongly translated and assumed the conclusion that the Greek national broadcaster is banned from Eurovision Song Contest 2015. The team of asked Mr Bakker few days ago what’s going on with NERIT and Eurovision. His response was very clear: “To participate in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest, a broadcaster […]


Preliminary ‘yes’ from Slovenia for Vienna

LJUBLJANA, SLOVENIA – Aleksander Radič, Slovenia head of delegation and member of the EBU reference group, exclusively told our website that Radiotelevizija Slovenija has submitted a preliminary application to the EBU, hoping to send an entrant to Vienna. A confirmation is expected by the October 10th deadline when countries can withdraw without financial penalty. Last […]


San Marino to answer by October 11th

SAN MARINO CITY, SAN MARINO – According to OGAE Italy the news from San Marino are still in pending mode. The small Italian state has not decided yet upon Eurovision Song Contest 2015 and they reserve the right to give their final answer by October 11th when they will present their official 2014-2015 TV program. […]

SERBIA RTS September 15

RTS confirms oikotimes news on Eurovision 2015

BELGRADE, SERBIA – Today, Radio Television of Serbia has made a preliminary application for participation at the Eurovision Song Contest that will be held in Vienna next year. As it is stated in the official announcement, financial reasons were the cause Eurovision fans across the world didn’t see Serbia this year in Copenhagen, unfortunately they […]


Israel 2015: internal selection if IBA accepts participation

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL – The anticipation of many fans about the Israeli participation in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest is soon to come to an end. Radio 88FM, part of IBA group seems to be chosen as the radio channel through which the Eurovision selection will be made, Channel 1 and report today. IBA […]

PHOTO: NERIT.GR September 13

NERIT not eligible for Eurovision 2015?

ATHENS, GREECE – Since summer 2014 the Greek national broadcaster announced their interest to participate in Eurovision 2015. Since yesterday the plans are postponed as President and CEO of NERIT resigned due to claims for governmental intervention. Moreover, MAD TV – NERIT contract for outsourcing the national final production hasn’t been signed. But there is […]


Eurovision 2015 motto: Building Bridges

VIENNA, AUSTRIA – One more big surprise came from Eurovision Song Contest 2015’s preparations. ORF and EBU announce the slogan of the 60th edition of the show which is “Building Bridges”, a motto resulted after hundred ideas proposed to the host broadcaster. PKP BBDO agency is behind the motto which eventually will be visualised into […]

PHOTO: CHANNEL4.COM September 11

Alex Salmond to fast-track Scotland Eurovision entry if Yes wins

1CLICKNEWS.COM REPORTS – Alex Salmond plans to fast-track Scotland’s entry into the Eurovision Song Contest if the Yes campaign wins. Eurovision organisers have given the green light for Scotland to emerge as an independent rival to the United Kingdom in the competition. In order to join, the new Scottish Broadcasting Service (SBS), which the SNP […]


Greek broadcaster President & CEO resign

ATHENS, GREECE – While the deadline for participating in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest is set for October 10th by the EBU, Greek national broadcaster sources informed that they haven’t submit the necessary paperwork yet, a delay caused by the resignation of the NERIT President and CEO resignation today. The two men resigned from […]


Eurovision 2015: 33 confirmed participants so far

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – By October 10th the participating countries interested to enter the 60th Eurovision Song Contest have to submit the official paperwork. So far we have information that 33 countries declared official interest and / or submitted the paperwork for the Vienna Eurovision Song Contest. Albania Austria (Host Country) Armenia Azerbaijan Belarus Belgium Bosnia […]

SERBIA FLAG September 10

Serbia returns in Eurovision 2015

BELGRADE, SERBIA – Serbian broadcaster confirms return in Eurovision Song Contest 2015. RTS that Serbia will participate in Vienna, they did hint it in a news regarding Junior Eurovision. Official confirmation is expected to be released when the name of the Junior representative is revealed.

PHOTO: FRANCE2.FR September 10

France 2015: internal selection for Vienna

PARIS, FRANCE – This year, for the jubilee contest, France seems to have decided to go back to its fundamentals. Last month, FranceTélévisions announced that the contest would be back on the main public channel France 2 (after 11 years on France 3). Last week, a change in the commentators was rumored. Today, the French […]


Bosnia & Herzegovina returns in Eurovision

SARAJEVO, BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA – Few days ago there were some rumors on twitter, but now it is official! Bosnia & Herzegovina intend to participate in Eurovision next year in Vienna. No surprise there as Austria is one of the countries where a lot of Bosnian people live. It is still not confirmed how the […]

PHOTO: OE24.AT September 07

Pius Strobl joins ORF’s Eurovision 2015 team

VIENNA, AUSTRIA – Host broadcaster ORF, has finalised its team for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest with the appointment of Pius Strobl as event manager. Strobl is the former ORF Commnications Director. “Strobl has been in the field of event management and has extensive experience. He has organised some great events in Vienna and larger […]

PHOTO: PACHD.COM September 06

Fan Mile / Eurovillage 2015 will be in Heldenplatz

VIENNA, AUSTRIA – We have the host country, city, venue, and while we are awaiting for the ticket sales in mid November and the announcement about the Euroclub, local newspaper 0E24 reveals the Eurovision Fan Mile of 2015. It will be within the Heldenplatz (Heroe’s Square). Special projects and revamped idea will be used for […]


Eurovision 2015 releases the rules; almost unchanged

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The European Broadcasting Union has published its rules for the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest. There will be no major changes to the rules. The EBU has made one addition to its rule book stating: “Each Participating Broadcaster shall ensure that its National Jury is fully independent and votes in total impartiality. It […]

PHOTO: EUROPE1 September 02

Nelson Monfort to take over commentating?

PARIS, FRANCE – It’s not official, FranceTélévisions has caught an early Eurovision fever. Last week the French broadcaster announced that the first public channel, France 2, will be responsible for the selection and the broadcasting of Eurovision 2015, and today a new piece of nieces appeared on the net: the commentators are about to be […]

ALAIN CLARK September 02

Alain Clark confirms interest and sounding talks

AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS – Popular Dutch musician and producer Alain Clark has said he is interested in taking part in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna but has denied rumours he has been contacted by broadcaster AvroTros. According to the Dutch press, AvroTros is courting Clark to represent the country and negotiations between the […]


Caution: fake tickets for Eurovision 2015 spotted

VIENNA, AUSTRIA – It took a little bit of time to start, but now preparations for Eurovision 2015 are going full swing. We have a host city (the Austrian capital city), a venue (the nice Wiener Stadthalle) and the slogan and theme should be unveiled soon. Today, more information was given about tickets. Since some […]