DÜSSELDORF, GERMANY – Following the project “revive the old archives”, the team of our site decided to bring you memories from our ventures in the past, lost during the collapse of the website back in 2012. In this post we present you the highlights from Eurovision 2011 in photos made by a unique photographer and friend, Yannis Papoutsakis.

The team in Duesseldorf was one of the best and the excitement for interviews and live press conferences brought us to the spotlight of major international media like CNN in which has the honour to give an interview back then.

Besides the great reports and congratulations for them received by even NDR back then, Europrediction managed to predict the winner, Azerbaijan although our favourites were Ireland and Sweden. I still remember running from the last performance of the final, to the press centre, singing myself “Lipstick”.

Of course I am sure Yannis will agree with me on that: we will never forget Hotel Schaum!


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